The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 223: The Result of Playing Around (2/2)

“—!” [Some of the Crowd]

Looks like there were some people who could use magic among the crowd, as the crowd stirred and the word ‘mana’ could be heard amidst their voices.

“This much should be enough, I think.” {Ryouma]

I had to spend a quarter of my mana pool, but this should serve me well.

In the next moment, the sand that filled the large jar rose up like a whirlwind.

“Woah!?” [Crowd]

After shooting up higher than the building itself, the sand clad itself with the wind and took on the shape of a sphere, then it started spinning quickly midair. At this point, I brought down my raised right hand, and then the sand and the wind scattered, but very quickly gathered once more in midair before descending rapidly(・・・).

While a sound akin to that of the wind and the grains of sand resounded, the wind and the sand quickly reached the ground from the roof.

As a result—

“Hey, what was that just now?” [Worker 3]

“I don’t know, but… I heard a ‘JA!’ sound, and then a line was suddenly drawn on the wall.” [Worker 4]

“A line? Isn’t that a crack?” [Worker 5]

“It looks pretty deep too. It must be fairly powerful to inflict that much damage on a stone wall.” [Worker 6]

“Wrong.” [Worker 7]

“Huh? What is?” [Worker 6]

“You can see inside the building all the way to the wall on the other side through the crack.” [Worker 7]

“What!?” [Worker 6]

“I have beast blood running through my veins, so I’m confident in my eyes. There’s no mistaking it.” [Worker 7]

“But that would mean…” [Worker 6]

“That kid’s magic broke the stone wall?” [Worker 5]

“Broke? More like he cut it.” [Worker 4]

“….SERIOUSLY!?” [All of them]

To be more precise, I didn’t cut it but ‘ground’ it instead.

In the same way that a rocky mountain exposed to the rain and the winds for many years will transform into a magnificent valley, the cohesion of the particles can be weakened by earth magic, and the blowing wind and moving sand will grind the land and the stones, transforming them into sand. Or at least that’s the visualization I used in this new sand spell of mine.

Moreover, I’ve also assimilated the sand slimes into the sand I used earlier. As for what good that’ll do, well…

“Divide yourselves into two groups and cut the wall once more.” [Ryouma]

The mountain of sand piled up on the ground split into two clumps and crawled on the ground.

While ensuring proper spacing, two lines of sand were suddenly drawn on the wall, and in the next moment, a new space was created once again.

The sand I was controlling with my sand magic has been assimilated by the sand slimes. In other words, the sand was sand but at the same time it was also my sand slimes.(・・・・・・・・・・). The sand slimes could move on their own volition to some extent, and we are also able to understand each other through the monster tamer contract.

Thanks to that ‘controlling the spell has become much easier’.

It sounds a bit strange when put into words, but basically, the target of my spell, the sand, is able to communicate with me and move on its own.

Because of that it’s possible to execute something akin to a chantless spell invocation and the mana consumption is also a lot lower compared to when I’m using similar spells the normal way. The skill of the assimilated sand slimes is also able to be used. Really, this method of using the sand slimes and my sand magic is full of benefits.

Moreover, controlling the assimilated sand with my magic has also had an effect on the sand slimes.

First, just as is the case with the magic-type slimes, by pouring mana into the sand, the sand slimes are able to absorb mana. And apparently they were even able to eat my magic, as they learned the skill ‘Erosion’.

By using the sand magic, moving at high speed becomes possible, the range of their movement expands, and its also possible for them to use their spell at the cost of my mana.

The skills and abilities of the sand slimes also seem to get stronger when I give them my mana.

It’s as though the sand slimes have taken the role of the mana staff, which is mean to reinforce one’s spells, while I have taken on the role of the mana tank. It’s as if we’re making up for each other’s weakness.

The sand slimes are using mana to use their skills, or at least I think so anyway… I’ve never used a magic staff myself, so I can’t be sure that my hypotheses are correct, but regardless… By using the sand slimes like this, something like this is possible.

“Go!” [Ryouma]

After cutting the walls vertically, the sands that have split into two split into four more each(・・・・) and then cut the walls that already resembled a pillar.

Like this the surface of the stone wall was diced in less than five minutes., and a thunderous sound rumbled as the diced stone parts fell to the ground.

Naturally, that would give rise to a cloud of dust or sand, but…

“We don’t want to trouble our audience, now do we? Please be sure to collect that sand too.” [Ryouma]

I was in charge of maintaining the scope of the spell and the power, while the fine control was left to the sand slimes. That was the kind of image I had in mind as I gave more mana to the slimes. In the next moment, as though the sand was responding to my will, it scattered and transformed into a sand storm within the premises of the building marked for demolishing.

The sand born from the collapse of the diced stones were caught up in that, pulled away from the crowd.

“…I went out of my way to increase the strength of the spell this much, so I might as well go all the way.” [Ryouma]

The sandstorm converged. Standing two stories high, denser than ever, in the next few minutes, it ground away at the stone walls and the outer walls, revealing the wooden framework that supported the building.

To be honest, this spell has a much harder time grinding wood than it does with walls, but if I increase the density and the speed of the spin, it’s even possible to cut wood much less grind it.

The wood appears to have rotten in some parts too, so I cut it into parts just big enough so that it couldn’t be swept away by the wind, then I dug it out from the foundation… Success!

“Well, something like that.” [Ryouma]

Like that the entire building vanished, and now only a vast sandy area could be seen.

All the people that gathered around the building could now be seen without any obstructions.

And yet despite such remarkable results, the surrounding buildings weren’t affect in the slightest bit.

A perfect result if I say so myself!

While I was thinking that, I felt someone looking at me, so I turned around.

“…” [Everyone Else]

Most of the people were acquainted with me, but the people that were less acquainted were either shocked or in disbelief, while the people who were close to me just muttered, ‘business as usual’ or ‘he’s gone and done it again’.

Everyone looked alternatingly between me and the mountain of sand behind me.






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