The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 224: The Result of Playing Around II (1/2)

“That was quite a show, Ryouma.. Your countenance was looking good, so I thought you were finally able to get a good rest, but to think that the result of your break would be this… Ah, you don’t have to explain. Or rather don’t explain the details here. We don’t know who’s listening.” [Hyuzu]

Hyuzu-san told me seriously after the four guards surrounded me.

“Camil, you’re the magic guy here. Tell us your thoughts about what you saw.” [Hyuzu]

“Alright. First of all, summoning a sandstorm of that size is still normal. I felt him using a lot of mana, so any advance mage should be able to do something similar, but being able to turn an entire building into scrap with it is another story.

Moreover, despite using such a large spell, he contained all of the effects within the premises of the lot.

Finally, I don’t know if he used chantless casting to invoke different spells, but it looked like he was instantly adapting to the situation and changing the scope and movement of the spell.

With those three points, anyone who knows a bit about magic will immediately realize how difficult it was to do what he just did. And yet somehow Ryouma was somehow able to pull it off thanks to his new spell or new technique. Either way, what he just did should be considered as his house’s magic.” [Camil]

“My house’s magic?” [Ryouma]

It’s my first time hearing that term. From the way it’s worded, it’s probably referring to a magic passed down in one’s family, but to be sure I asked him.

“You’re not far off, but to be more precise, a house spell or house magic is the culmination of a magic researcher family passed onto only a few people within a house. Think of it as a special but difficult kind of magic. You could even call it a secret technique.

A strong magic will become a strong weapon, and in turn become a source of income. That’s why there are many people who want to learn of these special magic. Even if they don’t commit any crimes, it would be problematic if they exposed the secret, right?

There are a lot of secretive people and contrarians among the magic researchers, and the famous families are mostly nobles, so when matters relating to house magic are poorly handled, they could easily turn into a huge incident. That’s why as soon as the term House Spell pops up, it’s considered taboo to ask any further. Or at least, that kind of tacit understanding is a thing. Anyway, it’s mostly a thing among nobles, but dodging the question is usually the best way to deal with matters surrounding house magics.” [Camil]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

“If they still won’t drop the topic, be sure to consult us immediately. Anyway, that’s how you should deal with this issue.” [Camil]

“I understand.” [Ryouma]

“Alright, let’s leave this at that then.” [Hyuzu]

After Camil-san advised me, Hyuzu-san immediately wrapped up the discussion and moved on to the next topic.

“The house has already been demolished by Ryouma’s spell, so what’s next?”

“Ah, right.” [Ryouma]

I know they were just telling me off for showing off too much, but there’s actually one more thing I wanted to try.

“Just like the spell from before, I was messing around during my break, but I messed around a bit too much and ran out of mana, so there were some things that I couldn’t try…” [Ryouma]

“Isn’t it fine? I mean it’s a bit too late now anyway after that. And if he’s going to do something like that, then he might as well do it while we’re around.” [Hyuzu]

“…True.” [Rest of the Guards]

Everyone agreed with Hyuzu-san and reluctantly gave me permission to go ahead with my experiment.

Alright, let’s give it a shot!

I gave an order to the sand slimes and invoked my sand magic.

The mountain of sand started moving as though it was being swept up by a squall, but it didn’t do any complicated movements like earlier and instead simply gathered at a nearby corner at the end of the lot.

Like that a scene akin to an hourglass being turned upside down came to life. Before long the sand hourglass came to resemble a rectangular sand mountain that looked just like a giant tofu.

Surprised voices could be heard, but it wasn’t as bad as earlier. I didn’t do anything complicated, though, so their surprise must be mostly because of confusion.

I don’t blame them. It’s certainly hard to understand what’s going on just by looking at it from the outside.

But I’m contracted with the assimilated sand slimes, so I know exactly what’s going on inside. As for what exactly was happening, well it just happened to complete while I was thinking to myself.

“Woah!?” [Crowd]

Like an artist taking the veil off his unannounced work, I let the sand mountain collapse, giving rise to waves of sand that moved onto an empty lot, leaving behind a ‘2-story house’.

It was about a fifth of the entire lot with a large entrance and hall at the center, past which was a flight of stairs.

To the sides of the hall was a shared toilet and several rooms. It had a relatively simple design.

But of course, the onlookers couldn’t tell that much just by looking at it from outside.

Despite that it would appear that a complete building suddenly popping out of the crumbling sand was a lot more shocking than when I demolished the building.

Or maybe it’s just a consequence of my seemingly simple actions, but regardless, the crowd was really stirred up.

“Y-You’re kidding…” [Onlooker 1]

“What spell is that? Isn’t it too convenient?” [Onlooker 2]

“It certainly is convenient.” [Ryouma]

This spell is a reversal of the demolishing process, where pillars and walls are connected by sand particles through the process of accumulating sand. It’s basically an attempt at making the 3D printer a reality in this world through sand magic.

By working together with the sand slimes, the degree of freedom and precision of the spell could also be greatly increased. When I was finally able to easily build complicated structures with it, I spent my time during break time making and breaking dolls with it.

This time I used the same spell to build ‘something big enough for people to live in’. Building houses via 3D printers was supposedly also being researched back in Earth, so I figured that as long as I had enough mana and sand it should be possible to build a house.


“Actually, it’s not yet—” [Ryouma]

When I was about to say something…

“Wow!” [Kids]

“It’s our house!” [Kid 1]

“Our new house!” [Kid 2]

Some of the children from the house I demolished were so happy that they immediately ran toward the newly built house. The maids and the older kids were shocked and couldn’t react in time.

“Ah! Stop those kids!” [Ryouma]






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