The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 225: Debriefing (1/2)

After the construction job ended, I went back to the store for one more job.

It’s great to have a lot allies, so just as I spoke about with Darson-san a few days ago, I’m going to be meeting with the people who left the meeting, but before that…

“Let’s begin today’s report.” [Ryouma]

Gathered at the office of my store were the seven people dispatched by the duke.

We need to exchange information and discuss about the progress made today before Darson’s group comes.

That being said, we were all at the construction site this morning, and the guards were with me the whole time, so the only ones who weren’t with us were the maids.

Riviola-san from the Big Monkey Man Tribe met my eyes.

“Would it be alright I started as the representative of the maids?” [Riviola]

“Sure.” [Ryouma]

“After leaving the construction site, we purchased a plot of land from the Merchant Guild, and made preparations to establish the security company and hire personnel. We didn’t experience any problems, but we need a signature from the you, Ryouma-sama, as the manager, as well as from Hyuzu-sama, and Jill-sama.

Also, we intend to inform the various guild branches at Gimuru our intention to establish the security company and hire various personnel tomorrow.” [Riviola]

“Thank you. Sounds like everything is going well. That’s good to hear.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Also, we returned here in the afternoon, and during our time here various people contacted us. Revel-sama, the manager of the slums, said that the people who had put on hold their response regarding being moved have finally voiced their agreement. The owners of the ‘children’s home’ who haven’t replied until now also apologized for their belated response and informed us of their agreement.” [Riviola]

“Wonderful news!” [Ryouma]

The people from the slums were cooperative, but naturally, there were still people who couldn’t agree to our terms immediately.

Moving is a big issue, after all, and there’s also a chance that they might lose their home, so it’s perfectly understandable why they’d worry and be unable to respond immediately. The owner of the children’s homes also has to deal with children with no relatives.

But if they’ve changed their minds, then…

“Looks like the magic show this morning convinced them.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. I can’t think of anything else that would have caused them to change their mind. When Camil-san was giving instructions after the demolition during the rebuilding, I thought to myself, ‘maybe that’s why Ryouma-sama is putting on a show.’” [Riviola]

“I really did mean for it to be an experiment, but at the same time, I also wanted to appeal to the people that the job won’t take that long. Also, while I’m still not that confident in my spells for rebuilding, I’m confident in being able to demolish the buildings quickly… And besides, I’m going to stand out anyway once I start spending a lot of money to start several businesses at the same time. I’m bound to attract some trouble, so I figure if people see me as a skilled mage, that can act as a deterrent. Above all, I have all of you here supporting me.” [Ryouma]

“Next time please be more specific when informing us before you do one of your experiments.” [Riviola]

I smiled and told them that I was counting on them, but all I got in return were wry smiles.

“Next. After the managers spoke among themselves, we were informed that the children from the children’s home to be demolished next will be moved this evening to the temporary house built this morning, so the next children’s home can be demolished anytime.” [Riviola]

“They’re moving already? I don’t know how many they are, but will there be enough space to accommodate everyone?” [Ryouma]

“That children’s home is a storehouse just like the one this morning, but its floor has already completely deteriorated. Some of its walls and ceilings have already been torn off, so there are plenty of dangerous places inside. Because of that they’re already used to living in small spaces. Moreover, the children themselves are just happy to be able to live somewhere where they can get cover from the winds. Especially, since it’s already that time of the year when the winds are harsh.” [Riviola]

“Hmm, well, if they’re alright with that then that’s fine… Although I should probably compensate the children that moved for their nuisance tomorrow. Also, it’s good that the next place can be demolished now. According to our original schedule, we’re supposed to buy that land and then demolish the building, so the head quarters of the security company was originally meant to be built later.” [Ryouma]

When Hyuzu-san heard that, he raised his voice.

“Oh? Does that mean we can get our headquarters soon?” [Hyuzu]

“That’s the plan. I’ll be using my sand magic to demolish and reconstruct the place.” [Ryouma]

I plan on building a proper house later for the children, so I only built it with a rough outline and fixed it up a little, but the security company will require more precision on my part. I also plan on treating it with the sticky liquid of the sticky slime too to give it a waterproof coating, so it will be good to see how it compares with a temporary house that was built quickly. It should be a good reference to see how the application and type of coating affects the structures.

“Hyuzu-san, Jill-san, Zeff-san, Camil-san, please let me know if there are any facilities you need and if you have any preferences regarding the interior design of the headquarters.” [Ryouma]

“Understood!” [Hyuzu, Jill, Zeff, Camil]

“The last message is a letter from the duke’s family. Ryouma-sama, you wanted a ‘doctor that could be trusted’, and originally only one doctor was meant to come, but now, the doctor is hoping to take four young apprentices with him. Do you mind?” [Riviola]






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