The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 231: On One Particular Evening (4/4)

“That manner of talking of yours that makes it seem like you’ve already seen through everything is really suspicious.” [Willieris]

“Aren’t you just not using your brain~?” [Sereriputa]

“Stop it, you two.” [Rurutia]

“Good grief, they’re at it again, and they’ve just met… Sereriputa isn’t even moving.” [Tekun]

“We should change the topic.” [Grimp]

The one who spoke next was the Goddess of War, Kirillel.

“Ryouma seems to have started preparing all sort of things, and they aren’t bad if you consider them as preparations for war. Just as this guy said, this issue could become the trigger to a war between nobles. Even if that noble doesn’t want it, there’s no guaranteeing that he’ll be able to continue avoiding a military confrontation.

If that were to happen, and while I’m sure that given Ryouma’s personality he wouldn’t force anyone, the soldiers he’s cultivated in that security company of his could undoubtedly serve as a military force. Meanwhile, that research of his on preserved food will help out in logistics, while medical technology will definitely be of much use in the battlefield.

Of course, those guards of his are no different from a mob compared to actual soldiers and mercenaries, but war isn’t something that’s fought only in the front lines. If they’re properly trained, they could be used to transport goods in safer areas or be used for logistical support. Conscripts aren’t rare in times of war either.

Of course, if a war doesn’t break out, then those guards could just be used for their original purpose, which is to secure the public order of the town, but it doesn’t hurt either way.” [Kirillel]

When Kirillel saw the image projected in front of her, she laughed and appraised Ryouma’s preparations.

“Well, it’s Ryouma-kun, after all.” [Sereriputa]

“Hmm? Again, you’re talking as if you already knew everything beforehand.” [Kufo]

“Well, it’s within my predictions. After all, the God of Earth did give him his talents.” [Sereriputa]

“Ahh… You mean those criminal and murderous talents of his?” [Kufo]

“Even if that god is rotten, he’s still higher ranked than us. A talent from him isn’t just for show… Because of that Ryouma is able to act on an instinctual level. He is able to sense and predict the movements of those aiming for him and his people just by inferring it from the mood and the situation. Part of it is because he’s been continuously exposed to the malice of other people in his previous life, but if he were to train it well, he could refine it into an ‘instinct’-type skill.

And I might have said that the talents for crime and murder have been buried deep within him, but you know, in the end, talents really are just tools. Having them can make your life easier, and not having them, can make your life harder. But they’re not absolutely necessary. And most importantly, it’s entirely up to you how to use them. Humans don’t live on talent alone, and talent alone isn’t enough to determine the life of a person.” [Sereriputa]

The gods all agreed with him when he said that.

Even Willieris, who was always quibbling with Sereriputa, agreed.

“Yes, even a talent for crime if used properly can be used to save and protect others. And given how he’s been acting recently, you could say he’s been doing just that unconsciously.” [Willieris]

“It might be because of that pseudo-instinctual-type skill born from talent and experience that he inadvertently chose the best way to prepare given his circumstances.” [Kufo]

“Moreover, the people around him aren’t just there because of the divine protections that we gave him.” [Rurutia]

“Indeed… It’s true that Ryouma doesn’t have the talent(TOP・・・/rt>) for communication, it’s non-existent, in fact, but he spent 39 years in his previous life doing his best(・・) to get along with others, and those efforts continue to this day. That’s why there are a lot of people around Ryouma today and that they’re helping him so much.” [Gayn]

“In the first place, wasn’t it all the God of Earth’s doing that his relationships went so poorly in his previous life? During our occasional visits to Earth, I took a look at Ryouma-kun’s former coworkers, and I noticed that most of them were the type who couldn’t hold a proper conversation in the first place.” [Kufo]

“…If I had to stay with those guys around the clock, I would have just ended up beating them up.” [Tekun]

“It wouldn’t be strange for someone to become really good with people if he could endure dealing with people like those.” [Grimp]

“Exactly. Unfortunately, he’s way too conscious of his inexperience when he was a child. He’s had that wrong impression with him his whole life, though, so it can’t be helped, but it would be great if this serves as a turning point for him to start realizing various things… But then again, he is still in his teens, and we’re gods, so we have plenty of time. We should just leisurely watch over him.” [Sereriputa]

A peaceful atmosphere flowed between the gods, but…

“Sereriputa, you’re all healed up already, right? It’s a bit too early for you to be leisurely.” [Kirillel]

“…Huh? I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. I still can’t move—” [Sereriputa]

“You need to fix that bad habit of yours of getting caught up in the moment. You’ve been talking all this time, right? Well, I can tell how you’re doing from the tone of your voice. If you’re that lively, then you should be able to continue with your punishment.” [Kirillel]

“Wait! Ah, you don’t have to carry me—” [Sereriputa]

“Don’t worry. I’ll bring you over just like I did when we came here.” [Kirillel]

In the next moment, Sereriputa was forcefully taken away by Kirillel.

“…Good grief, it’s really lively today…” [Gayn]

At that remark, the remaining gods shared a good laugh before resuming their watch of the lower world.






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