The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 232: The Changing Days (1/3)

The next day.

Despite the dark cloudy sky and the stormy cold winds, I headed to the Security Company to check the messages left for me and see what work I had for the day.

There, I was informed that Serge-san had left a package for me.

“This is the package. I’ve been told that it’s the magic tool you ordered quite some time ago.” [Lilian]

It was the maid, Lilian-san, who brought the package to me. Unfortunately, I’ve asked for so many magic tools lately, that the description was a bit too vague to figure out which magic tool it was.

I had to open the package to find out. Inside was a ‘pressure cooker’ that one could often find in Japan.

“Ah, they finally made it.” [Ryouma]

This was something I asked the magic tool craftsman, Dinome-san, to make a long time ago.

He told me it would take some time to make because there were too many new things he had to deal with, such as, the sealing, the durability, the safety… etc.

But at long last, it’s finally here!

“Moreover, it couldn’t have come at a better time.” [RYouma]

It’s gotten really cold recently, and I’ve been really wanting to make some food with a pressure cooker.

I’m glad Dinome-san was able to make it by this time of the year.

“Oh? Ryouma-sama, there’s a letter at the bottom of the box.” [Lilian]

“Thank you very much…?” [Ryouma]

“Is anything the matter?” [Lilian]

“Apparently, he wants me to give him my impressions of the tool since it’s his first time making it. He also wants more of that ‘rubber’ ingredient that I gave him. He has a lot he wants to talk about, so he wants me to drop by when I’m free. There’s nothing strange about his request, but his writing is unusually formal…” [Ryouma]

Dinome-san mainly dealt with cooking utensils, but when it came to magic tools, he dealt with a lot of letters too.

He’s surprisingly a good writer, not that he’s sloppy normally, mind you, but… Maybe he wants to meet up because he can’t write anything related to the product itself due to confidentiality.

“It doesn’t sound urgent, so I’ll have to check my schedule, but dropping by in the near future sounds like a good idea.” [Ryouma]

“Understood. I’ll try to make time for it from my end as well.” [Lilian]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Next were two fairly thick bundles of documents.

“These are reports from the Construction Department and the Government Office.” [Lilian]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

The Construction Department refers to the people working on the land readjustment project.

The group is being led by the 30 people Zeff-san gathered the day I first dismantled a ‘children’s home’.

While they were helping me with the reconstruction of the demolished children’s homes, I taught them my construction method that’s similar to the Precast Reinforced Concrete construction method, and got them used to the process with an emphasis on ‘assembly’.

Presently, they’ve been divided into five teams, and are serving as site supervisors and managers, leading the newly hired laborers to complete the land readjustment project.

I’m sure the newly employed laborers also prefer being led by adults rather than by some kid like me. They’d have to be considerate in various ways if it were a kid leading them, after all.

“…The Construction Department is doing well. Their current job is likely to complete as scheduled, so I should prepare their next work this afternoon. The government office is also doing well in inviting the homeless people and allocating housing. There are even some people who’ve requested housing, perhaps they should be prioritized. We have the place for it too.” [Ryouma]

I wrote down a schedule on another sheet of paper. I’ll send this proposal to the Construction Department and the Government Office, and once they give their approval, I’ll use my magic to take care of the demolishing of the old buildings, the construction of the foundations, and the procurement of materials all in one go.

By dividing the labor in this way, we’re able to quickly progress through the land readjustment project and the reconstruction.

The weather is only going to get colder from here on, and it’s about time for there to be more rain and snow as well. It wouldn’t be strange for people to die out there in the cold, so as much as possible, I’d like the workers to work even faster, of course, without pushing them too much.

“That should do it. I’ll entrust this letter to you. There aren’t any pressing matters, so I’ll be dropping by the adventurers guild as scheduled.” [Ryouma]

“Take care, Ryouma-sama.” [Lilian]

I left the security company into the cold streets of Gimuru to make my way to the adventurers guild.

…Recently, I’ve needed to run less errands.

I’m dropping by the guild for a meeting today, but once that concludes, I’ll be free again.

There’s that construction-related job that just came in later this afternoon, but I don’t have any other plans.

Most likely, I’ll have barely any work again soon, and I’ll be able to use an entire day for studying and training to better myself.

That’s plenty fun in and of itself, but it feels a little lonely too, as though a fun festival has come to an end.

Maybe this is also a kind of workaholism. Oh, we’re at the adventurers guild already.

The moment I opened the door—

“What did you say, ya bastard!?” [Angry 1]

“What!? You got a problem with me!?” [Angry 2]

“You’re so noisy, why don’t you pipe down some, huh!?” [Angry 3]

“You want to do it!?” [Angry 4]

“Let’s do it!” [Angry 5]

—I was greeted by the angry yelling of two groups of men.

Apparently, a group of vulgar men were arguing.

Some receptionist girls and male guild staff members immediately came out to mediate between the two groups. One group was made up of humans, while the other group was made of up some youngsters from a beastman tribe. There were six in each group, and they were all men.

The staff desperately tried to quell the two groups, but it still looked like a fight was about to break out at any time.

“Don’t cause trouble inside the guild, you dumbasses!” [???]

But then the an angry heavy voice came out from the inner part of the guild.

I couldn’t see who it was because of all the people blocking my view, but I’m quite sure that voice could only belong to the guild master, Wogan-san.






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