The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 232: The Changing Days (2/3)

“Uu.” [Angry 1]

“Tch, it’s the former S-Rank.” [Angry 2]

“Hmph…” [Angry 3]

Until just a while ago, the two groups argued among themselves without giving any regard for the guild staff trying to stop them, but as soon as Wogan-sancalled out, they became as meek as lambs.

“What happened to all that energy you had awhile ago, huh! If you have something to say, then say it.” [Wogan]

“I don’t really have anything.” [Angry 4]

“We were just having a little chat.” [Angry 5]

The guild master’s glare was quite effective, as the two groups started making excuses.

They weren’t reckless or brave enough to go against the guild master himself, but some tinge of dissatisfaction could still be seen on the youngsters’ faces.

They looked about as old as university students, so I’d wager a guess that they’re in their twenties.

Wogan heaved a sigh.

“You boys come here tomorrow at this time. As punishment, I’ll have you do some odd jobs under supervision. Until you complete those jobs, you’re prohibited from taking any other job.” [Wogan]

He declared.

“What!? We haven’t even done anything yet!” [Angry 6]

“Exactly! Don’t just decide that on your own!” [Angry 7]

Naturally, the youngsters weren’t happy with his decision.

“I see. If you’re not happy with my arrangements, then you don’t have to come tomorrow. But if you do that, you won’t have to come anymore at all! Because by the authority of the guild master, I will be revoking your qualifications to be adventurers! And you can consider yourselves expelled from the guild!” [Wogan]

The youngsters complained, but the guild master didn’t flinch and expelled them.

“T-This is tyranny!” [Angry 8]

“Yeah! Yeah!!” [Angry 9]

“Enough! My decision is final. You have until tomorrow to think about what you’ve done. If you still don’t think my decision is fair, then you don’t have to come to the guild anymore. For today, you boys should just obediently go home.” [Wogan]

He gave them a scary look and concluded the conversation with a warning.

When the youngsters got cold feet and backed off…

“Hmm? Ah! Ryouma! You came!” [Wogan]

…The people blocking me were gone, so he was able to notice me, and called out to me with a smile.

Naturally, given the course of events that took place just now, the people in the guild turned their attention to me.

“Good morning. I just got here.” [Ryouma]

“I see. Sorry, I know I called you and all, but can you wait for a bit? I need to clean up the documents in my room first.” [Wogan]

He’s the guild master, so I’m sure he has a lot of documents he can’t show to outsiders.

So I told him it was fine, and to just call me whenever he was ready, and then he went back in.

The receptionists and the rest of the staff that came out went back to their respective positions as well.

At this point, I thought the guild would go back to normal, and I would have to find something to kill time, but things took a different turn instead.

“What’s up with the brat?” [Angry 1]

“No idea.” [Angry 2]

“Since when did the adventurers guild become a playground for kids?” [Angry 3]

“The guild master said he called him, so maybe he’s an adventurer. He’s unarmed though.” [Angry 4]

“Then maybe he messed up somehow, and because of that can’t work anymore since he doesn’t have any equipment left or something.” [Angry 5]

“Wasn’t the guild master smiling a bit too much for that?” [Angry 6]

The delinquent adventurers that witnessed my exchange with the guild master started looking at me rudely and made some threatening remarks.

“They seemed close.” [Angry 7]

“And the kid is wearing some nice clothes too.” [Angry 8]

“Maybe he got an easy job that pays a lot? You know, special privilege?” [Angry 9]

“Favoritism, huh. I don’t like the sound of that…” [Angry 10]

“Meanwhile, here we are having our work taken from us for some random reason, nyaa.” [Angry 11]

“Because of that our rank won’t go up at all.” [Angry 12]

Even the bad apples from the beastman tribe have started to let their imaginations go wild and mutter rude accusations among themselves.

This might actually turn into something really annoying. From the way they’re acting, this might be related to what the guild master wants to talk about.

“Ryouma-kun, the guild master is ready.” [Maelyn]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

Maelyn-san, the guild receptionist that often took care of me, called out to me, and I headed to the guild master’s room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Wogan]

“It’s fine, I did see the commotion.” [Ryouma]

He signaled at me with his hand to take a seat, and I told him what happened earlier while I sat at the sofa.

“I see… Tsk, those guys really aren’t helping themselves.” [Wogan]

“I don’t know if I’ve been marked, but they’ll probably remember me at least. Did you call out to me and make me stand out on purpose? What were you thinking?” [Ryouma]

If I wasn’t imagining things, his smile back then wasn’t just scary, it was quite the mischievous face too.

“You know why I called you here today, right?” [Wogan]

“It’s about cleaning the town, right?” [Ryouma]

Putting together what I’ve been told beforehand…

  •  The climate in this region will soon fill our days with rain and snow.
  •  A job has been posted requesting that the drains built along the town streets be cleaned and inspected.
  •  A part of the delinquent adventurers will be made to help out in the cleaning job as part of their punishment.
  •  On the day of the job, the guild master along with some trusted people will supervise the delinquent adventurers.
  •  I’ve been asked to help supervise them too, and this meeting is taking place to brief me on the situation.

That about sums up what I’ve been informed beforehand.

“Awhile ago, you told them to drop by tomorrow, so I’m guessing those quibbling adventurers are part of the delinquents participating.” [Ryouma]

“Yes, but not just them… I’m sure you’ve heard already, but we have our share of issues with the influx of laborers as well.” [Wogan]

“There’s really no end to the list of things to worry about, is there? What kind of people were those adventurers earlier?” [Ryouma]

“From time to time, among those guys who leave their hometown, you get some guys who don’t understand how the world works. The earlier group is made up of those kind of people. People who think they’re some big shot just because they were the best at their tiny village.” [Wogan]

“They did have a bad attitude… Are you saying they’re all bark?” [Ryouma]

“Well, they do have experience subjugating monsters from their village, they have potential too, so if they just stopped being so arrogant and trained themselves seriously, they could be quite decent, but unfortunately, the way they’re going, that’s nothing more than a pipe dream.” [Wogan]

The guild master sighed.

“Ah, sorry, I started grumbling again.” [wogan]

“It’s fine. I can lend you an ear if you want.” [Ryouma]

“Ha ha, let’s go for a drink some time then.” [Wogan]

“Sure.” [Ryouma]

A smile appeared on the guild master’s exhausted face, but he quickly switched back to a serious expression.

“Going back to what we were talking about, I’ll be participating in the job too, but only after tomorrow, and I’ve also hired other people to monitor them. The people participating are all like those guys. They’re full of complaints, and breaking out into fights is normal for them. With someone like you keeping an eye on them, I’m sure a lot of them will try to get sneaky and pick a fight with someone. So, Ryouma, if anyone picks a fight with you on your back today or during work, feel free to beat them up. In fact, please beat them up.” [Wogan]






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