The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 232: The Changing Days (3/3)

What did he say!?

“I mean, they’ll get beaten up later anyway, so the only difference is whether they get beaten up now or later. I’ve already warned them many times. If that’s still not enough to get through that thick skull of theirs, then breaking their nose is the next best medicine.” [Wogan]

“Besides, if they were to quit being adventurers, they’ll just end up being taken away by the guards,” Wogan added in a mutter.

He might have a scary face, but he’s really considerate of others. Unfortunately, as the guild master, he can’t afford to be lenient with them anymore.

Still, despite not listening to him, he’s still nice enough to give them another chance, though.

“…It’s normal to brush away the falling sparks. Just leave them to me.” [Ryouma]

“Thanks. I’ll be sure to treat you next time.” [Wogan]

After that we checked the annual records to figure out which places would take the most time cleaning and which places should be prioritized to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning job.

“Given the annual records of the amount of rainfall and snowfall, it’s probably best that we get this job over with as soon as possible.” [Ryouma]

“Yeah, the rain and snow have really been pouring these past few years. Drains have been clogged due to all the garbage swept away, so there’s more flooding too. It would be best if the inspections could conclude before it really starts pouring. We’ll have to rely on you and your slimes.” [Wogan]

“Just leave it to me. It’s my specialty, and you’ve also been helping me out a lot lately. We’ll be working together the day after tomorrow, right? Please take care of me then.” [Ryouma]

And that concludes our meeting. Now, I’ll just be on my way back, and—

“W-Wait a sec.” [Wogan]

—Or so I thought, but he asked me to wait before I could leave.

Did he forget to say something?

“Do you have a weapon on you? I don’t think you’d lose to them barehanded, but…” [Wogan]

Ah, I see, he’s talking about them possibly jumping me.

We were only supposed to be talking today, so I came in my suit.

I’m sure it must look like(・・・・・・) I’m unarmed to him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I reached for my belt, and grabbed the buckle, then pulled out the hidden iron slime.

With a swing, the iron slime turned into a sharp katana.

“You hid something like that in your belt?” [Wogan]

“I’ve often played the pig many times back when I was in the forest. A small trick like this is nothing. And I’m sure you’re aware, but just recently, there was a time when I was a little over cautious, and…” [Ryouma]

In India, there’s martial art called Kalaripayattu that uses a traditional steel sword that’s thin and flexible called Urumi.

In China, there’s a thin sword too that they hide in their belts called a waist-band sword.

The pure iron body of the iron slime is soft and normally unsuited for cutlery. But because it’s ‘tenacious’, it can recreate the urumi or the waist-belt sword just fine when extended thin.

Moreover, since it possesses the Harden skill, and I can also clad it in my ki, it functions as a katana just fine.

It’s a really convenient weapon and partner.

“Come to think of it, you were really tense before the people from the duke came. Don’t tell me even that bracelet on your left arm is a weapon? I thought you were just dressing up, but now that I think back to it, it was around that time when you started wearing it, right?” [Wogan]

Sharp, as expected.

The arm bracelet Wogan-san was talking about is actually my Wire Slime. I had it wrapped around my arm as an iron rope, so that I can use it as a kusari-fundo – a weapon used in feudal Japan – anytime. The decorative stone used in the ‘bracelet’ is meant to serve as the weight.

There are other uses for it too. It can serve as an armor when it’s still in its iron-bracelet form, and it can also be used in place of a rope to tie someone up. It’s pretty flexible. Another convenient slime.

“Anything else?” [Wogan]

“Nah, these two are the only ones that can become a weapon. For defense, I have my Stab-Proof Shirt under this suit, and my pants are made of the same material. As for my shoes, they’re safety shoes with hardening liquid sheets and iron plates inserted.” [Ryouma]

We also plan to mass produce some of these for the employees of the security company and to increase the safety of the people from the construction department and the garbage processing plant.

“In other words, despite appearances, you’re actually fully geared?” [Wogan]

“As ashamed as I am to admit it, yes. I was really upset back then, you see… I’m calm now, but since I’ve already prepared these things, I figured I might as well use them. Can’t let our guard down just yet, after all.” [Ryouma]

“I’m not worried about your equipment anymore, but now I’m starting to worry about something else altogether…” [Wogan]

He seemed shock, but he didn’t pursue the topic anymore.

After I left the guild, those guys brazenly tailed me as expected, so I led them to a quiet area, and punished them successfully.

After I told them to make sure that they’re there for the job tomorrow, I had them forcefully treated at the security company before releasing them.

After that nothing else happened, and the day ended…

Five days later, the first snow finally fell in the Town of Gimuru, announcing the true beginning of the winter.






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