The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 233: On the Morning of the First Snow (2/2)

Actually, I have another spell called Halogen Heater that’s better for heating, but it could end in scalds or a fire if poorly handled, so it’s better not to use it.

Even in the forest, I can make do with just Sunlight or a fire unless it’s really cold, so I’m sure this’ll be enough.

I’ve also made some hand warmers, so I distributed it to the people here too.

“It’s a trial product, so please feel free to use it. I’d be much obliged too if you could give me your input later.” [Ryouma]

“Thank you very much~” [Maria]

“Fingers and toes do tend to get cold, after all. It’s nice to have something to warm them.” [Fina]

From their reactions, the homemade hand-warmers seem to be a hit with the women.

The three girls working away from home, Fina-san, Jane-san, Maria-san; the chef, Shelma-san, and Leelin talked among themselves where they should store it.

Compared to them, the men didn’t make much of a fuss and just stored the hand-warmer in their chest pocket.

“I still have a lot of convenient tools on me, and I’m also testing out a lot of products, there are also still plenty of uses for the slimes that I have in mind, so if you’re troubled by anything at all, please call out to me. It’s a huge help for me too to have my ideas tested out.” [Ryouma]

You can prevent some snow from accumulating with salt, but considering the days to come, it might be a good idea to synthesize some Anti-Freeze and Snow-Melting Agents through my Alchemy. Gotta be careful with salt damage, but it’ll probably fine if it’s just in town, right? Although there won’t be any telling how the drainage will affect the environment.

In that case, maybe alcohol will be safer? It is used as the main ingredient of anti-freeze for car windshields, so it should be more than good enough to melt frost. I could source the raw material from the Drunk Slime’s alcohol or from failed liquor products.

Alternatively, if the temperature isn’t cold enough for refreezing to be an issue, hot water could get the job done too. After all, I can get hot water by combining fire and water spells, and if I add the wind attribute on top of those two, I could get a hot steam going too.

Or maybe, since I’m using magic anyway, maybe it would be more efficient to just lower the freezing point of snow to melt it? There’s also the option of turning snow into a lump of ice and removing it from the ground.

If I recall correctly, Hokkaido has a snow melting device that uses well water and river water. Maybe I could use that as reference to make some kind of tool. I can’t remodel the town drains for that purpose, but with the slimes’ help, I might be able to use it for that. There are slimes that evolved just recently too since I’ve more or less figured out how to make them evolve.

I have more free time on my hands too, and I can now also raise the goblins while performing my experiments without any problems.

Because of that I’ve been able to discover many things, and my research is progressing smoothly as well.

“Boss, you look like you’re having fun, but do you really have the time for all this? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else today?” [Dolce]

“Ah!” [Ryouma]

Oh, right. I have to check up on the others too.

I’m sorry I can’t help them, but I need to excuse myself.

I told them that and was about to leave, but before I could, Ox-san called out to me.

“Master.” [Ox]

Fei-san was beside him too.

“I might only be skilled in the sword, but if you there’s anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to call out to me. I am your slave, after all. I know you don’t intend to treat me as one, but I owe you much for letting me wield a sword once more.” [Ox]

“I’m sure everyone’s already told you not to push yourself, but even without you, boss, the store will function just fine with us. Still, it would be really troubling for us if you were really to disappear. The store still needs you, Boss. So if anything happens, call us, okay?” [Fei]

As they said that, the rest of the employees behind them nodded too…

That’s what I was intending from the start. Looks like I really can entrust the laundromat to them. As for the other things…

“Thank you. In that case, I’ll be sure to ask you to help me with my training and with testing my experiments too.” [Ryouma]

My trusted subordinates saw me off, and I left for my next destination.


After I’d visited various parts of the town and the sun had risen, I finally made my way to the adventurers guild.

“Fuu…” [Ryouma]

I dropped by various places, such as the Security Company, the Garbage Processing Plant, the Construction Site, but I was just cheered on by the people I met there.

I guess a store managed by a kid really is strange, after all.

As it turns out I’m really famous among the customers of the laundromat, especially among the married ones.

After coming back from Fatma Territory, I’ve been doing a lot of eye-catching things, so my reputation in Gimuru has really risen.

Recently, people I don’t know at all have been calling out to me.

There were a lot of people who ‘saw me cleaning the drainage’ and thanked me for my work. They also checked on me to make sure that the delinquent adventurers working with me weren’t bullying me. ”Are they bulling you?” ”I’m worried about you.” They would say. I’m grateful for their concern, but honestly, bringing up the delinquent adventurers just depresses me.

As for why…

“Good morning.” [Ryouma]

“!!” [Delinquents]

“L-Line up!!!” [Delinquent 1]

“Good morning, Aniki!” [Delinquents]

“Y-Yeah… I’m not your Aniki, though…” [Ryouma]

Before I knew it, my relationship with them had taken a strange turn.

Now I look like some Yakuza. Wonderful…






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