The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 236: Snow Countermeasures and a New Field for Slime Research (3/3)

“Yes, my choice of material is the sticky slime’s hardening liquid sheet. It’s highly resistant to heat and transparent, so light can pass through it. Black powder doesn’t generate heat in a space where light is blocked by Dark Magic, so I should be able to mix the slime’s hardening liquid sheet with the black-colored powder. The only problem is that there’s a chance that filling the hardening liquid sheet with black-colored powder will cause another transformation that results in a new product altogether.” [Ryouma]

“I don’t think you’ll have a problem there. This water-repellent powder of yours is in a stable state already. That black-colored powder of yours should also be in a similarly stable state, so just putting it in and mixing it shouldn’t cause a reaction. That being said… There is this thing that’s really similar to this powder of yours. If this actually turned out to be that thing, well, I don’t know what would happen. It makes one curious, though.” [Tekun]

I don’t know what kind of thing that ‘similar thing’ Tekun is talking about is, but he thoroughly inspected the vial of water repellent powder with eyes brimming with interest.

“You can take it with you if you want? I can just make another one again when I get back, so I don’t mind.” [Ryouma]

Tekun did give me a sake cup last time. I know he just ended up giving it to me because of the flow and wasn’t really intending to from the start, but still. I can consider this as me paying him back for that time.

“Oh, really? In that case, I won’t hold back.” [Tekun]

As he said that, the vial on his palm disappeared.

Well, I’m happy that he’s happy.

“Ah, right.” [Ryouma]

“Hmm? Is there still something more?” [Tekun]

“The black-colored powder is useful for dealing with the snow, but there’s another powder. And this powder, just as Kufo was making jokes about bombs awhile ago, is essentially gunpowder.” [Ryouma]

“Ah, so that’s different from the black-colored powder from before…” [Tekun]

“It’s colored black too, but…” [Ryouma]

It reacts to light, so it’s difficult to handle, but— Wait. If I look at it another way, since it ignites only when exposed to light, then couldn’t I make a bomb that reacts to light? As long as I find a way to prevent the bomb from accidentally detonating, I should be able to come up with something like a time bomb…

“Ryouma-kun, you’re thinking about making bombs already? Why don’t you explain that powder of yours first?” [Kufo]

“Oops, sorry, Kufo. This problematic gunpowder-like substance is made by combining the acid slime’s acid and the fluff slime’s fluff. It produces a fierce flame when lit just like cotton.” [Ryouma]

It’s similar to ‘nitrated cotton’ and ‘nitrocellulose’, which can be found in Earth, and I’ve used those myself when performing magic tricks at parties.

“By the way, nitrocellulose is also known as single base powder, and is used in the production of handgun ammunition.” [Ryouma]

“If that’s the case, then it’s not just like gunpowder, it is gunpowder.” [Tekun]

“It’s also really inexpensive to make, isn’t it?” [Kufo]

“The ingredients come from my slimes, after all, and I have a lot of them. They’re easy to make too, so they’re really good from a cost-performance perspective.” [Ryouma]

“A lot of otherworlders wanted guns of their own.. But they all struggled with the cost and manufacturing processes of gunpowder. Some gave up too. Who would’ve thought that a method like this would allow one to produce gunpowder?” [Gayn]

“I wasn’t intentionally trying to make it either. I also don’t know much about guns or about military stuff, so frankly, I don’t really know what to do with it.” [Ryouma]

“Really?” [Rurutia]

“Tabuchi-kun is the one familiar with that sort of stuff. That’s a good subordinate of mine, by the way. I only know about that nitrated cotton and nitrocellulose stuff because I heard it from him. He told me a lot of other stuff too, but the information is just too scattered… Revolvers are about the most I know when it comes to guns. And even that is because of an old anime I used to watch. A hitman and a thief’s friend used it there. So, yeah, I don’t really know anything about the latest guns.” [Ryouma]

I have had the opportunity to shoot guns before in some of my business trips overseas, but nothing too serious, so at most, they’re just some topics for conversations.

I can use guns, yeah, but… I don’t know. Maybe they just don’t suit me or they just don’t feel right. If I really had to use a projectile weapon, I’d still much prefer a bow.

“That’s why if I were to make something related to firearms, the only ones I might really be able to make are gunpowder, round bombs, the famous dynamite, and a musket. Yeah, that’s about it, I think. But even then, I really just have a smattering of knowledge. I’ve never actually made those things. Never used them either.

Personally, I’d much rather turn my attention to more peaceful endeavors like mining my mine and using the explosions to help with that. Researching firearms is fine too when I have time, but it’s dangerous, and I guess keeping it a secret is best after all. I suppose I can consult with Reinhart-san and the others, or more like, I’ll just leave the decision to them.” [Ryouma]

“Sounds good.” [Gayn]

Gayn, Kufo, and Rurutia were happy with my decision, but for some reason, when I said that, I feel like I just saw a really troubled Reinhart-san. I must be imagining things.


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  1. So, *yeha*, I don’t really know anything about the latest guns.” [Ryouma]
    it’s yeah
    Also thanks for the chapter comrade!

    1. – Grandpa/grandma found something interesting, a new kind of ranged weapon.
      – Grandpa/grandma were trying to make a new kind of blowpipe, one that doesn’t require the user to blow air himself.
      – So, yeah, I mixed some stuff from the slimes, and some results are interesting. Playing around with those new things made me think of a new kind of weapon… presenting, the gun.

      Take your pick, there should be many more options.

      1. “Hey Reinhardt, remember when I was being assessed by the adventurers guild and they spoke about that adventurer with the magic weapon ‘shotgun’, well I found out why it stopped working.”

      1. If he introduces it at all someone will look for harmful uses even if Ryouma hides them. It is just a matter of time. It is better he explains the future consequences so they can be prepared instead of someone who may be an enemy suddenly showing up with such a weapon.

    2. He’s going to give him what will effectively be blasting powder, intended for mining. He’s not going to mock up a gun, or just irresponsibly describe a firearm to some of his magic crafting buddies

      1. This could change a whole lot of things if they proceed… The Rienhart’s family will grow powerful if they are able to weaponize such thing… Dangerous… It will be great if such technology is stolen from ryouma and they weaponize first then war and such again!!!

  2. [So, yeha, I don’t really know] -> {So, yeah, I don’t really know} ~ first mentioned by Bishop1902

    Looks like the duke family will get another surprise, a blast of a surprise.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  3. “Revolvers are about the most I know when it comes to guns. And even that is because of an old anime I used to watch. A hitman and a thief’s friend used it there.”
    – Cue ska version of the Lupin III theme song. –

  4. The Water God did say that the Earth God implanted into Ryouma all the combat skills for the melee weapons and bows, but none for guns.

  5. Error?
    This problematic gunpowder-like substance is made my combining the acid slime’s acid and the fluff slime’s fluff -> This problematic gunpowder-like substance is made by combining the acid slime’s acid and the fluff slime’s fluff

    So, yeha, -> So, yeah,

    Thanks for the treat.

    1. Since there’s talk about a potential war in the future involving Reinhart’s territory, all this conversation about guns and gunpowder really is setting up a flag, isn’t it?

  6. Ahhh, finally caught up, sadlyy gonna wait for the next update.

    all the more thank you for the update!

  7. The hardest part of any research is knowing that the thing can be done. Once it’s demonstrated, back engineering what you witnessed is always a much shorter time than the original research. Reference the early atomic weapons race between the u.s. and the Soviet union

  8. I mean, the gods approved it so Reinhart doesn’t really have a choice I guess? Thanks for the chapter!

  9. The powder terms are well established
    Gunpowder aka Blackpowder is carbon+sulfur+saltpetre

    Guncotton is nitrated cellulose. Comes in cotton, stick, granule forms

    Smokeless Powder is any propellant grade explosive that doesn’t smoke when it burns.

    There are others, but most go by marketing names.

    Firearm propellants are almost all suitable for use as blasting powders, but high explosives tend to burn too fast for use in firearms (High means there is a distinct shock ring formed by the high speed expansion of the fireball)

    His cotton explosive is guncotton

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