The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 269: The End is the Beginning (2/2)

Unfortunately, my promotion caused some problems as well.

“Just to be sure, this promotion went through the proper process and is a fair decision made by the Adventurers Guild, right?” [Ryouma]

“But of course. You completed your quests, and while there were a lot of monster and bandit subjugation quests among those, you achieved greater results than required. You also completed the first examination recently, and by completing the second examination today, your promotion was determined to be justified. As for the recent incident, we deeply apologize――” [Female Receptionist]

“I’m not looking for an apology. After all, it’s not hard to see why you’d doubt me, but there’s also no denying that I was irresponsibly labeled as dishonest and this guild even brought forward talks of holding me in custody or removing my adventurer qualifications. It would be problematic for me if you found fault with me after my promotion, so just know that if it comes to that, I will have no choice but to rely on the authority of the duke to protect myself. For both our sake, allow me to make it clear that right now I have no intention of suing anyone here.” [Ryouma]

I ended up cutting off the words of the receptionist girl, who was currently bowing to me with a pale face, but when the other staff and adventurers saw what was happening, they became relieved. Thanks to that, the air that had been tense since coming here loosened up a little.

“In that case, I’ll go ahead and update your guild card. Please wait a moment.” [Female Receptionist]

The receptionist in charge took my card and went inside. There wouldn’t be anything to do for awhile, so I looked around me.

“!” [Adventurer 1]

“Hey, what’s with the atmosphere? Did that brat cause trouble――” [Adventurer 2]

“Don’t run your mouth irresponsibly, stupid.” [Adventurer 3]

Save for the people that didn’t know what happened when I came to this branch for the first time, most of the people looked away when I glanced around me.

If I were to sum up the circumstances that led to this situation… I’ve been working as hard as I could to get a promotion, but the number of quests I completed and the rate at which I completed them often led to the receptionist desk suspecting me of cheating. People would eavesdrop and become involved. Some would be a problem right there and then, while others would only became a problem later, but regardless, I would have to deal with them by force.

This time around, I got into trouble with a slightly(・・・・) stubborn guild master and a nasty examiner that he supported.

The rest of the story was more or less the same, but it ended up becoming a much bigger story this time because they used the first part of the promotion exam to try and humiliate me, saying, ‘if you’re so good, then prove it.’

I didn’t think I’d end up in such a stereotypical situation this late into my new life in this world, but this has actually happened many times already since I started doing my best to rank up. As for exactly how many times… It should be yet to reach the two digits inside the guild(・・・・・・). So, about 8 times, I reckon. It happens quite a lot recently, after all.

Honestly, as much as it sucks, since I don’t start the fights and don’t need to solve the issue peacefully, it’s actually exhilarating most of the time. Moreover, this stuff only happens when I’m at a place where I’m not known. It’s not something that happens in Gimuru or in its vicinity.

In fact, people have even started to call me ‘Cleaner ‘ these days. I’d heard that when someone becomes famous, people would sometimes start calling them by a second name based off their appearance or the things they do. In my case, I owe my second name to my frequent undertaking of cleaning quests because of my laundromat.

However, the adventurers and guild officials that know about my combat abilities and achievements in subjugation quests mean something else when they call me by that name: ‘a cleaner that rids the world of monsters and bandits’.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s proof that they’ve acknowledged my abilities. When I look at it that way, I could say that things are going well for me right now.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Female Receptionist]

The female receptionist came back and gave me back my guild card… I don’t think they’d give me a fake and risk being arrested for forgery, but I checked it just in case. Well, it at least looks alright from a cursory glance, but then again, if they really had a plot like that going on, it wouldn’t make sense if I could see through it with a glance.

“Umm, is there something you’re dissatisfied with?” [Female Receptionist]

“It’s nothing. I’m just reflecting on how I’m finally a C Rank adventurer. Thank you for your help. I’ll be excusing myself now.” [Ryouma]

I’m not keeping any grudges and I’m not looking for an apology, but I don’t trust them, so I had my guard up just in case.

The receptionist was nervous because of that, but I just thanked her and left the guild. I used Dimension Magic to teleport to the city gate, then teleported again to a place I’d sent my rimel birds to ahead of time.

“Oh? We’re near the next city already? The rimel birds got pretty far, huh. They’re fast as expected.” [Ryouma]


I was currently halfway up a tall rocky mountain. As I looked past the dreary mountain road beyond the steep cliff to gaze at the outer city walls, the rimel birds cried out in a high pitch tone as though to say, ‘how’s that?’

Honestly, their mobility was really something. From what I’ve heard, the next town is at the westernmost part of this country, making it a border city. Moreover, the path to it is an arduous road consisting of three mountains that greatly differed in elevation, causing travel time on land to take three days even when hurrying.

The rimel birds could ignore the terrain by flying, so it’s understandable that they would move faster, but it’s only been a few hours since I sent them yet they already traveled enough distance to cover what would otherwise be a three day’s trip. They’re really a huge help for times when I’m in a hurry, like when I’m trying to raise my rank.

If it’s like this, then even if those people had sent people after me, I would have still shaken them off. Moreover, I’m actually close enough now that I could take my time walking and still make it to the westernmost town, Teressa, before sunset.

There were some trouble, but by finally succeeding in becoming a C Rank Adventurer, the Great Forest was now just a breath away. Alright! I’m gonna give it my all!






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    Good work out there.

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    In the original run, Ryoma was also called a cleaner making the route of Ojousama and her classmates safe from bandits.

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    In the original run, the time skip of three years lead to Ryoma’s hunt for monkeys in the mountain leading to his promotion then went to Teressa and met the former duke and his friends to look for a flower in final preparation to the Great Forest of Shurus expedition. Are we nearing the end too of this reboot?

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      In the old version was there a school arc or arc about him reuniting with ojou sama and her school fruends?

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        No there’s no school arc in the original but yes ryouma meets the ojou-sama & friends when they return to Gimuru

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    Thanks for the chapter! I was confused at first about why the Adventurer’s Guild would think Ryouma was cheating with his quest results and try to boot him, but when it finally explained that this wasn’t Gimuru, everything made sense.

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    And yet, I’m believing this line even in this second part, and also, we’re seeing a very emotional and even romantic Elia in the manga.

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