The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 270: Reunion and Meeting (1/2)

I spent several hours walking along the mountain road while taking in the bleak scenery. Just when I was starting to get tired of the rocky and dreary landscape, I arrived at the town of Teressa. I’ll probably be staying the night here. The only question is whether to get lodging or sleep in the dimension home.

The space inside my Dimension Home now has a house and a garden thanks to my slimes and my efforts expanding it daily. That’s why it’s actually better for me to stay there inside of some poor hotel.

But then again, I am on a trip, so it might not be such a bad idea to stay at a local inn… I’ll try walking around for awhile. It wouldn’t be too late to have a meal somewhere first before deciding, so I entered the town, but after walking around aimlessly for awhile, a carriage caught my attention.

“Hmm? Is that…” [Ryouma]

The inn seemed expensive, and beside it was a parking lot just for carriages. There was a tall steel fence demarcating the lot from the road I was at, so I thought I might’ve been mistaken, so I approached, but it turned out, I was right.

On the side of the carriage was the crest of the Jamil House. Moreover, it was a different one from the one I rode recently. I think it’s the same carriage as the one I got on when I first left the Forest of Gana.

But why would it be here? If I recall correctly, Sebasu-san put it inside his Dimension Home. Does that mean that Sebasu-san is here? But then again, it is the house’s carriage, so it could be someone else—!

“Oh, so you noticed.” [???]

I sensed someone approaching from behind, so I turned around only to find a bespectacled brown-skinned woman with shoulder-length silver hair fluttering in the wind. She stood there with a smile on her face. She was just 3 meters away from me, but I didn’t notice her until now.

“You have a pretty good intuition, don’t you?” [???]

“…And who would you be?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, wary, aren’t we? I’m sorry, it looks like I spooked you a bit. You were looking at that carriage so intently that I couldn’t help but wonder what you were doing, then I got the urge to tease you a little.” [???]

Well, I certainly don’t feel any hostility from her…

“Remilie-sama, so this is where you were.” [Man]

A familiar male voice called out from behind. When I turned to it…

“Lunch has been prepared— Oh? Ryouma-sama?” [Sebasu]

“Sebasu-san!”” [Ryouma]

“Huh? You know Sebasu-chan?” [Remilie]

Sebasu-chan? He called out to her just now too, didn’t he? …Looks like this woman is an acquaintance of his as well. In that case, it’s probably fine.

“Remilie-sama, this boy is a friend of ours, though I certainly didn’t expect to reunite with him here.” [Sebas]

“Friend? And by ‘our’, I suppose he’s not your friend alone. Reinbach’s as well? Wow…” [Remilie]

So, she really wasn’t anyone harmful, but just who is she?  She appears young, probably somewhere in her twenties, perhaps even in her late teens. but she referred to both Sebasu-san and Reinbach-sama with a chan. Her background is unknown… But now that I’ve gotten a better look at her, I must say that she’s quite the beauty.

She’s taller than me right now, but she might be on the smaller side of adult women. The robe she wore was opened in the front, so I could tell she had a good figure too. Despite her height, she had plenty to boast when it came to her chest, and she had a slender waist as well. She had a figure akin to those of the gravure idols back on Earth.

She looks healthy, but her body doesn’t look like it’s been trained for combat, so she probably doesn’t fight with a weapon. However, she’s light on her foot.

“Sorry to scare you earlier. I’m Remilie Clemmis, a wizard.”

“My apologies as well for the delayed introduction. I’m Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]

“I’m sure the two of you have a lot to ask, but how about we take this discussion elsewhere for now?” [Sebas]

“Right. Are you fine with that, Ryouma-kun?” [Remilie]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

Sebasu-san is here, so I’ll tag along for now. But why would Sebasu-san be at a place like this? Ah, but if Reinbach-sama is here, then maybe he’s just tagging along.

Sebasu-san led us to a room in the inn. Sebasu-san was about to knock on the door, but Remilie-san went ahead and opened it herself, pulling me into the room as she entered.

“Reinbach-chan, you have a guest.” [Remilie]

“W-Wait a sec, ah, it’s been a while.” [Ryouma]

I saw Reinbach-sama as soon as we entered the room. He looked as lively as ever, so despite my confusion, I greeted him. There was another man of the same generation with Reinbach-sama. They must’ve been chatting while unwinding on the sofa. Their eyes twinkled at our sudden entry.

“Ryouma-kun? You’ve grown since we parted at Gimuru. But how come you’re here?” [Reinbach]

“I just happened to pass by for my training. I happened to see your house’s carriage and was surprised, then…” [Ryouma]

I found myself turning to Remilie-san, and Reinbach-sama and the other man too turned to her, so she gave a brief explanation.

“I brought him here since Reinbach-chan seemed to know him.” [Remilie]

But of course, that wouldn’t actually be enough of an explanation, so after introducing ourselves, we explained the relationship between myself and Reinbach-sama, and they also explained why they were here. Apparently, Reinbach-sama was in the middle of a trip with his friend, and as expected, Sebasu-san was just accompanying them.

“By the way, I heard about what happened at the end of the year. I am truly sorry that you had to deal with my mess, but I’m nonetheless grateful that you were able to take care of it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for cooperating with my son and his wife.” [Reinbach]

There was a deep sadness and pain when he mentioned his mess, but he was full of gratitude when he thanked me. I couldn’t possibly understand just how much that matter weighed on him, but I’m sure he must have worried about it a lot.

He has already passed his position onto his son and retired, so the present head, Reinhart-san, had to be the one to deal with the matter.

No matter the root cause or circumstances involved, if Reinbach-sama made a move, rumors would have surely spread among the noble of Reinhart-san’s incompetency.

I’m sure that as a parent, Reinbach-sama wouldn’t want for his son’s reputation to decline, and it would also be terrible for the duke’s family in the long run. That’s why Reinbach-sama couldn’t make an appearance himself. Though it appears that he’s been helping as much as he could behind the scenes.






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