The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 294: The True Identity of the Curse (1/2)

“That was really fast…” [Ryouma]

Though we would rest from time to time too, we spent about half the day flying. The dragon landed us some ways away from the northern side of Gimuru City. It was only when I saw the city gates that it really dawned on me that we were back, showing just how amazingly quick the dragon was.

It took me half a month to get to Teressa on foot, yet it didn’t even take us a day to get back. Even taking into consideration how I took on quests so I could rank up while traveling, it still wasn’t a distance I could have covered on my own this quickly.

I’ve flown plenty of times in my past life, and it’s quite a surprise to find that there exists a creature that could rival the size and speed of airplanes. No wonder monster beasts are used for the transport of people and goods. In fact, I think flying on dragonback might actually be more comfortable and reassuring than flying on a plane.

Not to mention that that magnificent dragon that inspires such awe is currently rubbing its head on Reinbach-sama’s head as though it couldn’t bear to part. I haven’t forgotten that it’s dangerous, but seeing it like this, it’s kind of adorable.

“Thank you for your hep. Make sure you get a lot of rest now.” [Reinbach]

A moment after Reinbach-sama said that, the dragon disappeared on the spot as though it was an illusion of sort. Is that summoning magic? I’ve never heard or seen someone being able to use Monster Taming to summon a familiar.

I have seen the madam summon a large wolf in the past, but apparently, summoning magic doesn’t quite allow for the same degree of communication as monster taming does. From how the dragon and Reinbach-sama were acting during the flight and just now, it doesn’t seem like they’re able to understand to that same depth indeed. Perhaps, they’re communicating through another method kind of like how I managed to come up with my Slime Magic. But if so, then how?

“Now then, shall we head to the city?” [Schieber]

“The carriage is ready.” [Sebasu]

Oh, right. The sun is still up. We could have flown much further up, but we intentionally got off here because we needed to check my curse as fast as possible. If I dawdle around here, there won’t have been any point then.

We all entered the carriage that Sebasu-san prepared, then the carriage took off. We should be able to make it to the gates within 10 minutes.

“Reinbach-sama, thank you for giving me a ride. If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to make it back this quickly.” [Ryouma]

“I’ve been in your debt a lot lately, so really, there’s no need to be reserved, Ryouma-kun. More importantly, are you really certain that the Gimuru church is your best option?” [Reinbach]

“Yes, I could most likely confirm it best there.” [Ryouma]

There were a lot of things that I had to deal with upon getting back, but first up on my list was of course my curse. Because I need to know if I’m still cursed, and if I am, I need to have it dispelled quickly. They’d suggested a list of people that could be trusted from shamans to exorcists and clergymen, and normally, we would have had to go with one of those, but I suggested a fourth option.

“I still can’t believe that you could actually receive an oracle from the gods. Certainly wasn’t expecting to hear that one from you.” [Reinbach]

“It can be done because he’s a Child of the Gods, but as I’ve said many times, be sure not to let this matter spread, okay? Most especially not to the upper brass of the church, if they find out, it’s bound to become a problem.” [Remilie]

“I wouldn’t want any of that of course, so I’ll be sure to be careful.” [Ryouma]

Before long, our carriage made it to the northern gate, and the highest ranking guard present received us. We could see the city from the dragon, so it was only natural that the guards of the northern gate would have also noticed us.

But of course, with the family crest on the carriage, Sebasu-san, Reinbach-sama, and even me – as I was already a known face here – the gate check concluded with just a few words. It was curious if there were even any point to him showing up. I felt sorry for him, but that’s just how his job goes, it can’t be helped.

We’re headed for the church, so I better make myself as presentable as I can. I cleaned myself with the cleaner slime, then I put away my armor and weapons. There weren’t any rules against bringing weapons, but I’d rather not.

“Ryouma-chan, can you lend me that slime?” [Remilie]

“Sure thing!” [Ryouma]

And so, we made it to the church. The nun, Bell-san, stood in front of the gate. She was surprised to see the carriage of the duke’s family, and she respectfully bowed to Reinbach-sama and the others. She immediately let us in to the chapel. And as for our excuse, we reasoned that since we managed to safely complete our journey, we wanted to offer our thanks to the gods. Well, it’s not a lie.

There were other guests inside the chapel, so we quietly entered the room so as to not bother them. As I sat myself on one of the chairs at the corner, that familiar light enveloped me, and I found my consciousness entering the divine realm.

“Hmm?” [Ryouma]

When the light ceased, I was back in that unchanging white space. Gayn, Kufo, and Rurutia were there. There have been other gods recently too, so it was unusual to see only the three of them around. But what was really unusual was that they themselves seemed strange today for some reason.

Usually, they would greet me with a gentle smile, but right now, they were looking at me with suspicion and confusion. Above all, there was a heavy and gloomy atmosphere in the space. It might have been because of something I did, but they weren’t saying anything. In fact, it felt like they couldn’t speak even if they wanted to.

I didn’t really understand what was going on, so I just steeled myself and spoke.

“What’s the matter? Did something happen?” [Ryouma]

“To be more precise, something is in the middle of happening.” [Kufo]

“Ryouma-kun, did you do anything weird? You’re giving off a really strange aura right now.” [Rurutia]

“Oh, that might actually be related to what I came here for.” [Ryouma]

“In that case, let’s hear you out first.” [Gayn]

With Gayn’s encouragement, I started talking, and I explained the events that transpired at the Town of Departed Spirits, and as evidence, took out the curious rock lump that contained the magic gem from my Item Box. The moment I did, the expression on them transformed from pondering to grim.

“Hand it over now.” [Gayn]

Gayn said in a heavy and authoritative voice I’d never heard from him before. Though surprised, I obediently handed it over all the same, and the lump of rock began to float on its own and approach Gayn’s hand, then Gayn distanced himself from me and surrounded it with Kufo and Rurutia.

“Sorry, but excuse us for a bit.” [Rurutia]

Rurutia said in a gentle tone. Apparently, they didn’t have the leisure to entertain me right now, so I didn’t ask anything and just kept quiet so as to not get in their way. That was all I could do anyhow.

…From how they’re reacting, I guess it really was something bad. Welp, now I’m worried.






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