The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 294: The True Identity of the Curse (2/2)

I watched them for awhile, and before long, the rock covering the magic gem crumbled, revealing the magic gem underneath. But their grim countenance showed no signs of abating, if anything, it only grew worse. Already, they were glaring at it as though they were facing an enemy.

They held their hands over the magic gem, and three lights began to envelop it, until eventually, the magic gem turned into a giant ball of light. By this point, the atmosphere about them had softened a lot, as though they had just gotten past some great ordeal.

True enough, they spoke among themselves, then Kufo and Rurutia took the ball of light and vanished from the place.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” [Gayn]

Gayn was the only one left now, and he turned to me with a troubled face unlike the grim face he wore earlier.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions you want to ask, and there are things I have to explain, but first of all… Thank you. You did well bringing that thing to us.” [Gayn]

“If I was of help, nothing could be better. But since you’re going that far, then I take it that really wasn’t just a normal cursed magic gem then?” [Ryouma]

From their reaction and Gayn’s words just now, it must have been something really problematic, so much so that they actually thanked me just for listening to them. It’s a bit late now, but I can’t help but sweat a bit at the thought that I was carrying something so dangerous with me this whole time.

“Yes, it is as you’ve surmised. If I were to describe that thing in one word, it would be, god.” [Gayn]

…I couldn’t even react to that and just froze speechless.

“Sorry, I might have misheard, but… Did you just say ‘god’?”

“Yes. And for the record, I’m not referring to paper or hair [1]. I mean god, such as myself.” [Gayn]

“I hadn’t misheard then… But why would a god turn into a magic gem? Moreover, to be buried in a place like that?” [Ryouma]

I found myself asking.

“It will take some time to explain, but…” [Gayn]

To wrap up Gayn’s explanation, the magic gem I brought to them contained the Demon King that once attacked this world.

Gods and Demon Kings were the same kind of being. Demon Kings just referred to gods that broke the rule of the gods and attacked another god’s world or tried to steal a god’s world. They were sometimes also referred to as Evil God. Apparently, it’s not much different from how humans distinguished wrongdoers among themselves with the term: criminal.

Now regarding the demon king in question… It was apparently a god that ruled over a distant world with a civilization far more advanced than this world. But its world’s technology overdeveloped, and the people of that world used that technology to wage wars on each other, causing irreversible damage upon the world.

Worlds and gods were pairs, and when a god lost the world they managed, they would need a new world or be unable to maintain their existence and vanish. Normally, a god would make a new world by sacrificing a portion of their power, but it was an act tantamount to losing most of their powers. In other words, it was a desperate measure for only when there was no other option.

They could still get their power back as the world developed, however, so most gods would just bite the bullet and create a new world. However, very rarely, just like in the case with the demon king, some gods would avoid that method and instead try to steal another god’s world.

“Alright, I understand the gist of it, but didn’t you say that the demon king came to this world in the past and no longer existed? I’m pretty sure you said something like that when I first came to this world.” [Ryouma]

“Yes, there is no demon king anymore. That thing you brought us was just a souvenir left in poor taste. He probably took a portion of his power and will and sealed them away from us before we defeated him. It probably just happened to fall there. Hence, it would be more apt to refer to it as the ‘fragment’ or ‘remnant’ of a demon king.

If it gathered enough power to revive the demon king, it would of course no longer be able to hide itself, and we would be sure to notice its existence, but… If not for you finding it, and it was allowed to continue gathering mana, it would have likely caused a powerful monster beast to appear some tens of thousands of years later, affecting the environment of this world and harming the balance of mana, so… You really helped us.” [Gayn]

I can’t exactly relate to a time period of tens of thousands of years, but I can at least understand that it would’ve been bad if I just left it there.

“There were people with me when I dug out the magic gem. Will they be fine?” [Ryouma]

“Yes, there’s no need to worry. I already checked, and the stones they have on them are just magic stones. The mana gathered by the Fragment of the Demon King just happened to solidify, so those stones are fine too. The problem is you.” [Gayn]

“…So something really did happen to me.” [Ryouma]

“It might have been just a fragment, but in the end, it still contains the power of a demon king, and indeed, you were cursed when you found it, including the other four’s portion as well.” [Gayn]

“I don’t feel any different, though.” [Ryouma]

I did get chills when I found the magic gem, and my thoughts did get a little messy, but now, there’s nothing. Maybe the curse was properly dispelled, after all? Or at least, I feel so normal that I find myself thinking that.

“So how do you cure this curse, erm… Divine punishment? I mean, it is technically from a god, so…” [Ryouma]

“Fret not. It might be a bit troublesome, but the power of another god can remove it. It was originally something we should have taken care of, so it’s only right that I answer to my responsibilities and undo your curse. But first, why don’t you have a drink and calm down?” [Gayn]

As Gayn said that, a low table upon which was served tea appeared out of nowhere. I gratefully accepted. I was a bit worried at first, but it seems that Gayn and the others are willing to cooperate. If so, then this problem is as good as solved.

“You’re as quick to understand as ever, huh.” [Gayn]

“I don’t really think there’s anything a human could do against the power of a god, and honestly, it just doesn’t really feel like I’m cursed. It might be different were there some obvious symptoms.” [Ryouma]

“Is that how it is? Still, you sure are unlucky. Exceptionally so, really. I’d already bolstered your luck to some extent with my divine protection, and yet…” [Gayn]

“Actually, I think I’ve been quite lucky since coming to this world, though.” [Ryouma]

“Normal humans don’t stumble into hidden Demon King Fragments, I’ll have you know. They also don’t get cursed. Honestly, you couldn’t be unluckier.” [Gayn]

Gayn firmly shot down my argument, but I just found myself laughing.

“Well, I suppose, I’ll be in your care then.” [Ryouma]

“But of course. For your part, all you need to do is relax.” [Gayn]

After finishing my cup of tea, Gayn tended to me. I laid down on his examination table, then just as he said, I relaxed, and fog gradually enveloped my thoughts, my consciousness drifting further and further away.

[1] – The Japanese word for hair is kami, which is also the word used for paper or god.






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  1. gohankuten Avatar

    But Gayn if you look at it another way he was really lucky to be the one that found it and bring it to you guys so you now know that this type of thing exists so you can be watching out for it. Also lucky for being someone that seemingly wasn’t affected by it too much.

    1. Marc Avatar

      Or if one of the others had came into contact with it first they probably would have died. So it was lucky he took their share of the curse as he has the Gods to help him out. 🙂

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    how did he defect it in the first place? is it bc he’s a child of the gods? I feel like there’s more to it. could it be that earth’s god will become a demon king too? is earth on its way to destruction? how interesting. thank you for the update!

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    1. DMR Avatar

      It’s also just the fact that he’s kinda powerful so a lot of these problems just don’t trouble him. And he had people who could easily solve these problems with him.

      So to be honest, this actually feels kinda forced. The author literally needs to point out that this would be unlucky for other people just to say he’s still unlucky.

      I mean, which person doesn’t have troubles??? But he has the power and resources to easily deal with them…

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    Probably a more feasible explanation compared to having just relied on abnormally high leveled resistances and constant dispelling attempts during his trip back in pre-reboot. Having a subconscious mentality close to that of what the fragment was trying to influence towards and a subconscious resistance to divine influence/corruption due to his upbringing is more feasible than managing to stay mostly untainted just because of abnormally high but still just mortal standard resistances against god’s influence, as much as I accepted that as natural back then.

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    And in fact, these bad events actually helped him build more connections and relationships…

    So he’s actually mega-lucky….

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