The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 71: Emergency! (3/3)

I called Carla-san and Fei-san inside the store and talked to them.

For the meantime, we decided to just maintain the status quo. We also decided to just wait for the results of the guards’ investigation and do what we could for now.

Oh, speaking of which, why don’t I leave the antidote here?

“I made some antidotes yesterday, so just in case, I’ll leave some here.” [Ryouma]

“Understood.” [Carla]

As I said that, I handed enough vials for everyone to Carla-san and Fei-san.

Now, what? Isn’t there anything I could do to toughen up the store’s security?

Hmm… The store’s windows don’t seem to be very strong. How about I use that?


I went back home to the mines to test out my idea.

I drew three magic formations in a wide-open tunnel, then I asked the sticky slimes to fill a box with hardening liquid.

After that I placed the box on a Magic Formation of Separation and extracted half the water content.

“Fill her up again.” [Ryouma]

I ordered the slimes to fill up the box with hardening liquid, then I extracted the water content again.

I repeated that same process several times until the hardening liquid had become concentrated.

Back in the forest, I once tested what would happen if I used alchemy to concentrate the sticky slime’s liquid.

The result then was a product harder than normal. Normally, if you let the hardening liquid dry, it would start cracking with just a little force. But after concentrating the hardening liquid, even a spell would only be able to leave a crack on it.

There were two squares on the circular alchemical formation, shifted by 45 degrees and conjoined together to form the Magic Formation of Transformation. The baseball-sized lump of concentrated hardening liquid inside was so hard that not even my full strength could easily crush it.

I’m going to use this to make a glass window.

“Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” [Ryouma]

This concentrated hardening liquid is highly transparent. It’s not completely transparent, but its yellow tint is just barely noticeable, so it’s more than good enough to serve as a glass window.

At the very least it’s more durable than the wooden windows of this country, and there won’t be any need to open the windows just to let light in. Since the windows don’t need to be opened, cold wind won’t enter either.

If it’s just for light, glass is also a thing here, but while blow glass for vials can be purchased for cheap due to your average craftsman being able to make them, unfortunately, glass meant for windows are produced with magic and are a luxury.

It’s also possible to make a sheet with blown glass to make them suitable for windows, but only skilled craftsmen could make it happen, so the yield rates are really low.

I wanted to get some glass windows when making the store, but even with my knowledge on construction cutting down on costs, the lowest I could go to make the glass windows a reality was still 1 medium gold coin. As such, I had no choice but to give u pon them.

But that changes today! Because I can use this concentrated hardening liquid in place of glass! Moreover, it’s also geared toward increasing the security of the store and is also very strong against fire and heat.

Also, I’m digressing, but as for concentrated sticky liquid it doesn’t solidify that much and is brittle. It has a muddy color, so it’s not transparent, but on top of that it also burns.

The usual dried sticky liquid is less combustible than cloth, but after concentrating the sticky liquid, it becomes highly combustible. It was quite shocking to see it act like the exact opposite to the hardneing liquid.

Hardening liquid is too hard, while sticky liquid is brittle and combustible. Because of that I’ve ignored them until now. Honestly, who would’ve thought concentrated hardening liquid would actually have a use like this?

“Well, with earth and barrier magic, I could endure the cold, so… I didn’t notice it at all.” [Ryouma]

I would sometimes mumble to myself like this while working.

I kept working until it was evening.

By the time I was done. I’d already finished about 50 concentrated hardening liquid planks for use with windows.


Tl Note: This part is too small, so there’s another part.

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