The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 72: Medicine and Poison (1/2)

The next day.

I woke up in the morning, got ready, and gathered the slimes.

It was the usual routine, but then… A slime caught my eye.

What is this slime?

Before me was a slime I didn’t remember.

Strangely, though, it was indeed contracted with me.

I used Monster Identify on it…

Medicine Slime

Produce Medicine Lv3
Poison Resist Lv3
Disease Resist Lv5
Physical Attack Resist Lv1
Jump Lv3
Digest Lv3
Absorb Lv3
Split Lv3
Spear Mastery Lv1

Medicine slime, huh. I don’t remember contracting this guy, so he must’ve evolved.

“Since it has the Spear Mastery skill, then… It must’ve been a poison slime!” [Ryouma]

When you think about it, medicine can be poison depending on how you use it. The same holds true the other way.

“I’ve never had a slime evolve a second time after evolving once, but it seems there really is a second evolution. But why all of the sudden? Did I clear an evolution condition somewhere?” [Ryouma]

It’s been proven that slimes evolved according to what they ate, so the medicine slime’s evolution condition is… medicine?

But when did I ever feed a slime with that?

Hmm… Come to think of it, the medicine I dropped the other night was cleaned by itself. I thought for sure a cleaner slime had cleaned it, but could it be that it was this guy who cleaned it instead?

To test that hypothesis, I gathered the poison slimes and poured a vial for them to drink. When I did, 5 slimes approached and started drinking.

“Ohh, they’re drinking. So, I guess it really was a poison slime then.” [Ryouma]

Last time I spilled a vial and one slime evolved, so it should stand to reason that 5 slimes would need 5 vials to evolve. I’ve already given them a vial, so I guess I’ll be needing four more.

I went ahead and made some vessels while the slimes were drinking, then I gave an order to the medicine slime.

“Show me which medicines you can make.” [Ryouma]

As I said that, I pushed the vessel toward the medicine slime. The medicine slime then started pouring out liquids one after another.

There were all sorts of liquids from more viscous ones to smoother ones.

I used Identify on the various liquids, and this was the result.

Poison (Immediate Effect)
Poison (Delayed Effect)
Paralyzing Agent (Instant Effect)
Paralyzing Agent (Delayed Effect)
Antibacterial Medicine

“Ohh, that’s a lot… I suppose it can produce both medicine and poison… What’s with this antibacterial medicine, though?” [Ryouma]

I used a more specific Identify on it, and this came out:

Antibacterial Medicine
Produced within the body of the medicine slime. A liquid that possesses strong sterilizing effects.
Destroys all bacteria and virus when applied.
Quickly evaporates if not properly stored in an airtight container.
Harmless to humans.

This is an antiseptic solution! This is great! I was actually worried about going to territories other than the Jamil Territory because of hygiene reasons, but with this, that won’t be a problem anymore!

…Speaking of which, time sure flies! I better get to the store.

I hurriedly gathered the slimes and went to the store, but the store was already open.

I entered the employee entrance and met Carm-san.

“Good morning, Boss.” [Carm]

“Good morning, Carla-san.” [Ryouma]

“Boss, what have you been up to lately?” [Ryouma]

“Hmm? What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

“You came only after the store was already opened yesterday and today too. Did something happen?” [Carm]

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just too busy with work.” [Ryouma]

“Really? Well, that’s fine then, but be sure to talk to us if you have something or your mind.” [Carm]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]


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  1. Wow, it unexpectedly had two evolutions! Of course there was a special item you had to make it hold, it’s always like that when they introduce an extra evolution later on. Not to mention, it even has multiple evolutions and at least three Formes as Big and Huge Slime. They really went all out on this one. Hmm, I wonder if they can Mega Evolve?

  2. I think the line “Quickly evaporates in an airtight container if not properly stored.”
    Should be “Quickly evaporates if not properly stored in an airtight container.” Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Same here, it doesn’t make sense as is because evaporating in an airtight container wouldn’t be a problem (which is what it’s currently suggesting). Lol, I seriously went “huh?” when I read it, then “wait a minute…”

  3. If a slime eats cottn or silk could they produce some thread? In colours? Or make some cloth? A cotton slime… How fluffy! Is it going to be still a slime?

  4. Lol. I just noticed that you made one of Carm’s dialogue into Ryouma’s dialogue by accident at the end of the chapter~

    Thank you very much for this lovely chapter~! ٩꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱۶ⒽⓤⒼ♥♡̷♡̷

  5. “Good morning, Boss.” [Carm]

    “Good morning, Carla-san.” [Ryouma]

    “Boss, what have you been up to lately?” [Ryouma]

    “Hmm? What do you mean?” [Ryouma]

    Isn’t it the third sentences suppose to be from Carm not Ryouma?

  6. I thought metal slime evolved into iron slime? Was the 2nd evolution?
    Or w1as it a normal slime the evolved?
    Should this not be the 2nd case?

    1. Not clarified. But diet is the difference. Pure iron makes iron slime. Iron mixed with aluminum makes metal slime.

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