The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 72: Medicine and Poison (2/3) (SHORT)

Tl Note: Made a mistake last chapter. He happened into Carm, not Carla.


Volume 3 Chapter 72 (2/2)

“Oh, and could you start coming around this time?” [Carm]

Around this time?

“Why?” [Ryouma]

“If you come before the store opens, you’ll definitely end up doing the store preparation, so the lower-positioned employees won’t have anything to do. They need to do that as part of their training, so please leave it to them. Please do get used to leaving work to your subordinates, Boss.” [Carm]

So, I was taking their work…

“Well, alright. I guess it can’t be helped…” [Ryouma]

I can understand if it’s for a reason like that, but with this, I have even less work to do… Oh, right. I need to talk to her about the windows.

“Oh yeah, Carm-san. Are Fei-san and Leelin-san free right now?” [Ryouma]

“Fei-san’s tending to the store, but Leelin-san should be in the break room right now. Do you need them for something?” [Carm]

“Actually, I have an idea to toughen up the store’s security and would like to talk to them about it.” [Ryouam]

“I see. In that case, please wait at the office. I’ll call them over.” [Carm]

I waited at the office just as he told me, and he immediately brought Leelin-san.

They were just in the next room, after all, so it came as no surprise. In fact, I could’ve just called her myself. There was no need for him to get her.

“Good morning, boss. You needed me?” [Leelin]

“Good morning, Leelin-san. It’s about the store window. Don’t you think it’d be quite easy to break those and get in?” [Ryouma]

“Indeed. All you need is a hammer or an axe and you’d easily be able to break them. We’ve taken that into consideration and are keeping an eye out for them.” [Leelin]

“Thank you as always. So, I was thinking of making those windows unbreakable.” [Ryouma]

“That would save us a lot of trouble, but… how?” [Leelin]

I took out one plank of concentrated hardening liquid from my Dimension Home.

When Carm saw that, the color of his eyes changed.

“Is that a glass window?” [Carm]

“Not quite.” [Ryouma]

“But this shape and transparency… Surely, it must be glass window. And even if it’s not glass window, we can use it instead of glass window! Did you make this, Boss?” [Carm]

Looks like he’s taken a liking to it.

I do intend to use it as a replacement for glass window, but I have no intention of selling it right now.

“Sorry, but I’m not planning to sell it right now. The production rate isn’t there yet…” [Ryouma]

“I see… Sorry, I got ahead of myself.” [Carm]

“It’s fine. And besides, you’re actually right in that I was thinking of using this in place of glass windows. It looks like glass, but unlike glass it’s actually quite durable.” [Ryouma]

I hit the glass with my bare fists.

When Leelin-san saw that, she narrowed her eyes.

“Boss, could I give it a try?” [Ryouma]

“Sure. I have plenty of spare, so feel free to destroy it.” [Ryouma]

I let Leelin-san have a go at it.

She hit the plank several times, but it didn’t even crack. She used reinforcement magic after that, but a crack was the most she could muster.

“…It really is tough. If we outfit the entire first floor with this, our assailants will surely have a hard time getting in. But at the same time, we won’t be able to break the glass to run away if driven into a corner. Please also take that into consideration as you plan the store security.” [Leelin]

So, there was a downside to it!

“Now that you mention it, I should definitely come up of a way to make it easy to open from inside. I’ll need to think about it.” [Ryouma]

“Aside from that one downside, though, it’s very good for defending against intruders. If we outfit them here and there, we should be able to reduce the places that could be broken into. Well, at least that’s one way to go about it. And also, if we know what’s coming, we can deal with it much easier too.” [Leelin]

“I see. So, you’re alright with replacing the store windows with this, right?” [Ryouma]

“Yes.” [Leelin]

Like that we started upgrading the store’s wooden windows with these concentrated hardening liquid planks.

We first changed the windows at the back of the store, where there were no customers, then we worked on the side facing the nearby stores, then the side facing the road, and then lastly, the store front, the windows facing the residential district… Or at least, that’s what we were planning to do when all of the sudden we heard someone yelling from the store.

“What did you to my clothes! Does this store have a policy of tearing its customers clothes into pieces!? Well!?” [Angry Customer]

We hurriedly entered through the store entrance, and there, we saw an ill-bred man arguing with Fina-san.

Fei-san was in the process of breaking them up.

Atop the counter was a piece of clothing that was torn from the collar all the way to the bottom… But it’s impossible for this to be our fault since we don’t wash laundry here in a way that could do something like this. I doubt this happened while the employees were transporting it too.

Even though I know it’s just false accusation, it sure still feels bad. A proper claim would actually be better. Anyway, I have no intention of accepting false claims like this.

At times like this, it’s important to firmly deal with the malicious claimant.

I called out to the man.

“What seems to be the problem, sir?” [Ryouma]

“Boss?” [Fei]


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