The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 90: Experiment (1/2)

2 days later.

Serge-san still had something to do, so I left him and went back to Gimuru.

It was already late into the night when I got back to Gimuru. I was planning on just taking care of my slimes, and then going to sleep but apparently that wouldn’t be possible.

Within a room in the abandoned mines was me and a cleaner slime. This cleaner slime is one of the cleaner slimes I got from the store. It started evolving a lot faster than expected. There’s no way I can sleep now.

Each time the cleaner slime released and sucked in mana, its transparent body became a little blacker. The evolution process was a long way from finishing, so I happily waited. Eventually…

“Oh! It’s done!”

The mana stilled and the slime started crawling in the room. Its body was dull black with no lustre. Like a powdered charcoal molded into a dumpling. A closer look shows that it has the same gelatin-like body of the slime, so perhaps calling it a lustre-less black viscous liquid would be more apt.

But enough of that. Let’s see what kind of monster it is! Monster Identify! …Oh!.


Deodorant Slime

Absorb Odor Lv8 Extract Odor Component Lv6 Erase Odor Component Lv8 Odor Defense Lv5 Stench Lv2 Irritating Stench Lv2 Odor-Absorbing Liquid Lv7

Odor Component Extraction Liquid Lv5 Odor Component Erasure Liquid Lv7 Odor Defensive Liquid Lv4 Liquid Stench Lv1 Irritating Liquid Stench Lv1 Disease Resistance Lv5

Poison Resistance Lv5 Physical Attack Resistance Lv1 Clean Lv4 Sweeping Lv1 Jump Lv3 Split Lv1

Deodorant Slime, huh. I expected it to be a carbon slime, but who would’ve thought it would end up taking this path instead…

This slime… It probably specialized in getting rid of odor. All of its skill are basically deodorants, so it’s easy to understand what they do. Anyway, let’s go test this guy out. We’ll be dealing with stinky stuff, so let’s do it outside.


After changing locations and investigating the new slime, I found out the following things.

The Absorb Odor skill absorbs odor from the air.

The Extract Odor Component skill absorbs odor from an object that the slime is in contact with.

These two skills might appear to be similar, but the area that they are able to affect is different.

The Erase Odor Component skill literally erases the stench, and the Odor Defense skill suppresses the smell and prevents it from latching onto others.

The Stench skill works just like the Scavenger Slime’s, wherein it releases a foul odor.

The Irritating Stench skill also releases a foul smell, but it’s more irritating.

It’s not poisonous

It’s just that the odor released is so strong that it’s able to cause one to tear up, so it’s a skill that needs to be handled with care. The Irritating Stench skill has the potential to become as effective as a tear-gas grenade. The liquid variants of the skills just means that the slime releases the skill in liquid form instead of gas. The liquids are all black and sticky, so I personally can’t help but liken them to mud. And then the rest of the skills are just hand-me-downs from when it was just a cleaner slime.

As for feed, it can eat either charcoal or dirt.

That’s probably why it couldn’t become a carbon slime… I should also investigate the liquids a little more.

I collected the Deodorant Slime various liquid skills with the exception of the Stench and Irritating Stench skills. To have a point of comparison, I also collected the Cleaner Slime’s deodorizing Liquid.

“…It’s a bit different compared to a cleaner slime’s.”

The Cleaner Slime’s Deodorizing Liquid is being sold in the product after the results of the investigations of Caulkin-san’s team.

We sell the products according to the concentration of the deodorizing liquid. The weakest concentration is sold as ‘normal’. The stronger variant is called ‘super’. And the strongest variant is called ‘hyper’, which is just the source liquid, but regardless, all three are used toward other liquids or rubbed on something.

Unfortunately, using the Deodorant Slime’s Odor Component Erasure Liquid like the Deodorizing Liquid results in the target object being stained with black. Which it makes it difficult to use as a deodorizing agent for laundry.

But the Odor Component Erasure Liquid of the Deodorant Slime has a special trait which allows it to be diluted when placed atop a person’s hand or mix with other liquids. This is a unique trait that the cleaner slime’s deodorizing liquid doesn’t have.

I don’t know why, but when you add water or other liquids to the deodorizing liquid, its efficacy plummets.

Which is why all three types of deodorizing liquid sold at the store are prepared by the cleaning slimes themselves. They mix the concentration of the liquid inside their body before puking it out.

“Did the composition change because of the charcoal? …Is it still safe?”

I used Identify, but it didn’t give me an answer.

The mysteries remain mysteries, while the possibilities only increase.

“If I check the key points of the Odor-Absorbing Liquid and the Odor Component Extraction Liquid…”

There’s another downside to the Deodorizing Liquid of the Cleaner Slime. It’s certainly effective, but a female member of the Catman tribe said this about it.

“I can get rid of the smell from the landfill by using this, nyaa. But as soon as the next pile of trash comes around, it starts stinking again, nyaa…”

There were also other people who shared her sentiments. They would use the Deodorizing Liquid on shoes and the smell would go away, but when they wore it again, it would start stinking again.

The Cleaner Slime’s Deodorizing Liquid is only able to eliminate the odor from the object it is directly touching and its vicinity. The effect also doesn’t last long, so if you apply it in a bigger scale or in an environment where stinky stuff are expected to be brought over and over, it’s not very effective.

Presently, the deodorizing liquid is popular among the Catman tribe and other customers with similarly sensitive noses.

If I sell the Odor Component Erasure Liquid to those customers as a product able to remove stubborn odor, then it should be possible to turn up an even greater profit.

The next problem would be the durability of the Odor-Absorbing Liquid and the Odor Component Extraction Liquid… But finding that out will take time.

I also need to find out if they can be used in a normal residence and not an environment like this abandoned mine. In any case, I’ll cut my investigations for today here.

“…Anyway, I should take a shower for now.”

Based on the time indicated on the clock, I should be able to leave for work at a good time even if I prepare myself at a leisurely pace.


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