The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (2/3) (SHORT)

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The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (1/2)
The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (3/3) (SHORT)

“Welcome to the laundry agency, Bamboo Forest! Please walk right over to this counter here.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, you did a pretty… GEH!? What’s the shitty old hag doing here!?” [Wogan]

“Who’s a shitty old hag? This grandma here might be a hag, but I sure as hell ain’t no shitty old hag!

Goodness, Wogan, you’ve been the leader of the adventurers guild for so long and yet your mouth is still as potty as ever. That’s why in the past you…” [Grisiera]

“Quit bringing up my past mistakes every time we meet! Good grief, and just how long are you planning to stay in power? Talk about being a tenacious old hag… So, why are you here?” [Wogan]

“Obviously, I was invited.” [Grisiera]

“…Ah, forget it. Ryouma, how do we get our laundry done here?” [Wogan]

“Right… Carm-san, Carla-san, since I’m going to be showing them how to use this store, I might as well take this opportunity and show you how things work around here. Let’s go in. Serge-san and the others too.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma opened a part of the counter and urged the six to enter.

“First, the customer needs to purchase a bag specially made for this store’s purposes. A bag for one person’s worth of clothes goes for 20 suits per bag. The bag will be used every time the customer enlists our service, so it’s a one time purchase.” [Ryouma]

“I’ll take one then. We fill this bag up with our clothes, yeah?” [Wogan]

“Yes. Also, today is a practice of sort, so as thanks, the laundry will be free of charge. The bag too. Please have one and wait a bit.” [Ryouma]

“Thanks.” [Wogan]

“Carm-san, Carla-san, when a customer pays, you have to put the corresponding special slate into the pole by the right side of the counter.” [Ryouma]

From under the counter, Ryouma took out differently colored slates that had a hole on top and below, then he pointed toward the pole nearby that could fit the slates just right, as well as the sideboard with an enclosure.

“What is that?” [Carla]

“It’s a tool I made to easily calculate the income for the day. In our store, the prices vary according to the size of the bag purchased, so the slates signify 1 medium copper coin, 1 medium copper coin and 8 small copper coins, and 4 medium copper coins. That’s it. There’s just three. So when the customer buys a bag for his own use, you are to receive one medium copper coin from him, and then you are to put the black slate into the sideboard. The sideboard has a gradation and can fit up to 100 slates.

Once you’ve reached a hundred slates, you are to write a one on the paper below the sideboard, then you are to bring the black slates back under the counter. You are to repeat this until work ends, at which point you are then to use your record and the remaining slates to count the income for the day.

For example, let’s say your record says that you filled the sideboard with black slates three times with 42 remaining in the sideboard. In that case, the income for the day will be 342 medium copper coins, which translates to 3,420 suits.

There are three different fees just for the laundry service alone, and then you have another three from the bags, and then one from the special service aimed toward adventurers that includes armor and weapon, adding up to a total of 7 different kinds of fees, so I figured coming up with a system like this would make counting the income for the day a lot easier. On top of that, I also want to find out just how much of which is selling, but of course, there’s no actual telling how well this’ll work until we try it.” [Ryouma]

After saying that I went back to Wogan, but the other members of the merchants guilds were glued on the device.


Tl Note: I’ll post again tomorrow.

I’m pretty lost with Ryouma’s description of his apparatus. I don’t know what the pole is supposed to do or what to call the sideboard. It’s not actually a side board, it’s literally a place for something that has an enclosure. I don’t really know what to call it APFSTHAE maybe?… Anyway, the next chapter part says more about it, so hopefully that’ll clear things up.

The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (1/2)
The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 49: Meeting the Subordinates (3/3) (SHORT)