Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 94: Those Whose Souls fell into the Abyss

Written below are those whose names were written on their tombstones.


The Wand of Destruction Belan
He put up a fight against the noble class goblin, Gi Gi, and his beast tamers, but died when the mad dog, Gi Zu, joined the fray. He sacrificed himself in his last moments to allow the humans to escape. Age: 37.

Lightning-Fast Knight
Challenged the goblin king and lost due to being ill-matched. Although he managed to keep his life after his battle with the goblin king, he was severely weakened after, losing even one of his arms. He lost his life to his own slave, Selena, after she went on a rampage.

Nameless Adventurer
One of the adventurers hired by Gulland. Though his name and struggles are unknown, it was confirmed that he died during the pursuit of the goblins.

Gowen’s Platoon Leaders
Four entered the forest, only two left alive.

Gowen’s subordinate and commander of his cavalry. He sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill the goblin king. He is one of Gowen’s most trusted subordinates.

Gi Da
Though fatally wounded by Gulland, he was able to safely lead his horde to the king. He died in the king’s arms.

Gi De
Sacrificed himself to allow his subordinates to escape. Died under the Wand of Destruction, Bellan’s, hands.

Gi Zo
Died under Gulland’s Frenzied Sword skill.


Over 250 human soldiers died.

Over 40 beastmen and deminhumans died under Gene’s hands.

20 orcs, 50 goblins, and 10 kobolds had their names engraved on a tombstone.





5 responses to “Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 94: Those Whose Souls fell into the Abyss”

  1. Belkar Avatar

    Thank you!

  2. James Avatar

    Thanks for Chappie!!!!1

  3. Chaoton Avatar

    RIP, every well know, partly known, and unknown brave souls.

  4. node Avatar

    “Over 40 beastmen and deminhumans died under Gene’s hands.”

    I might have forgotten or missed this, when does this happen?

    1. Taggme Avatar

      Can’t remember the chapter, but shortly after entering the forest, when Gene and his slaves were elf-walking/warping (can’t recall the term) and they had stepped through the warp-gate and arrived at a village/camp of beastmen/demihuman.

      Beastmen got enraged when they saw the elf was a slave and went to attack. Selena had hopes of being saved, then Gene smiled and went to work as her hopes faded.

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