Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Attack III

Tl Note: old adventurer -> elderly-looking adventurer

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Volume 2: Intermission – Attack III

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Gi Zo
Race, Goblin
Level, 19
Class, Druid
Possessed Skills, Magic Manipulation; Water Manipulation; Inspire
Divine Protection, God of WaterIren
Attributes, Water

The water magician, Gi Zo, shot his water bullet toward the adventurer, who blocked with his shield. Gi Zo could not shoot him down, but his relentless barrage of water bullets left the adventurer with no other choice but to keep defending. It was a barrage of power and accuracy.

Yet Gi Zo’s countenance remained grim.

The reason was the healer behind the two adventurers.

As the divine god willsHeal!”

That irritating white light wrapped itself around the two adventurers, and all of the sudden, they were back to health. The tank with exceedingly high defense. The attacker who would cut to pieces the normal goblins. But the most annoying of them all was the healer, who not only defended but also restored their strength.

That seemingly endless magic power allowed them to gradually whittle away at the goblin’s numbers.

They could heal as much they wished, recovering their wounds and strength, while the goblins could only incur more and more damage. Even then, Gi Zo had no choice but to try and endure. But…

The divine god is greatConfusion!”

“Water bullet!”

If they let up even a little, the healer would cast a spell of confusion to try and break whatever advantage they had from their number. Gi Zo tried to aim for her, but the taciturn adventurer stopped him with his shield.

“Ku…” Gi Zo clicked his tongue out of frustration.

They couldn’t win like this.

He needed to remain calm and think of a way to win.

5 of the 30 goblins were already down for the count. They had to think of a way to reduce the enemy’s numbers. If not that, then at least a way to stop them…

Suddenly, the Goddess of WisdomHera smiled upon him

“Ready the stones!” Gi Zo ordered, and a group of three goblins began picking up stones.

“The target is the human at the back.”

Gi Zo ordered the normal goblins to aim for the healer.

“Damn it! They’ve figured us out!” The elderly-looking adventurer, the attacker of the group, used his body to protect the White Hand of Life.

Gi Zo smiled devilishly when he saw that.

“…You know your target. Keep throwing those rocks!”

The rock-throwing squad sealed the White Hand of Life’s movements. Gi Zo ordered the goblins not to attack the sword-wielding adventurer, so as to force the shield-bearing adventurer into defending himself.

As long as the rocks kept coming, the sword-wielding adventurer could be kept away from the shield-bearing one, and the sword-wielding one won’t be able to attack the normal goblins either. But what was most crucial of all was the healer, for she was the humans’ lifeline.

As the divine god willsHeal!”

The heal came earlier this time. That was proof that the humans’ shield won’t last long.

“Victory is at hand! At last, we shall avenge Gi De!”

The goblins’ spirit rose.


“This is bad. This is really bad.” The elderly-looking adventurer grit his teeth as he fended off the flying stones. Who would’ve thought there was a goblin who could think this well?

Not only were they able to fight well together, they even thought up a plan to seal their movements. They were so good, they could pass for adventurers themselves.

When the elderly-looking adventurer turned to his back, he saw the White Hand of Life breathing roughly as she grit her teeth.

As the divine god willsHeal!”

Healing for the umpteenth time, the taciturn adventurer’s armor no longer resembled its former image as the goblins attacks bore into them one after another. At this rate, they would all be annihilated.

When the elderly-looking adventurer thought of having even the taciturn adventurer’s body hair plucked out, he couldn’t help but laugh, though he did so forcefully.

“Since it’s come to this, we should…” He was about to say when a voice came from behind.

“I’ll open a path,” the White Hand of Life said.

When they turned around to her, they saw her breathing heavily.

She looked at them as they looked at her, and for the first time, they saw her face. She was beautiful.

“…You have a plan, yes?”

“Of course. This, eight, tch… As the divine god willsHeal!”

The goblins swarmed their tank, so she had to forcefully cast Heal to help him fight off the goblins.

“We don’t have time to talk. Just say what you need!”

“We’ll break through and retreat. Yugil first, then me, and then you, Vitz.”

The elderly-looking adventurer, Vitz, did not think she would actually remember their names. For a moment, he looked at her, wide-eyed. A high-ranking adventurer, the White Hand of life herself, actually remembered their name.


He could risk his life if it’s for a beautiful woman, he convinced himself.

“Yugil will watch the rear, while you take his place to fight off the goblins. After that leave the rest to me,” the White Hand of Life said.

“Ok!” He replied. “Yugil, we’re switching!”

The taciturn shield-bearing adventurer, Yugil, seemed surprised for a moment, but he quickly regained himself, and ran from the goblins. They tried to chase after him, but Vitz took Yugil’s place, keeping them from pursuing any further.

“Wind Slash!”

The winds slashed toward the goblins, but they were able to defend. At most, a goblin or two were hurt, but that was fine. He only needed to buy time.

“You should be looking over here!” Vitz said as a goblin tried to pass by his flank. Using all of his strength, he blew the goblin away.

“Water bullet!”

False abandonmentParry.”

The flat side of his sword scooped up the water bullet, and like that he changed its trajectory.

“Magic won’t work on me. Now, who else wants some?” Vitz smiled.

When the goblins saw him easily flick away the goblin druid’s strongest spell, they all faltered for a moment. What they didn’t know was that Vitz had gambled just now.

That earlier parry only went well by luck. It was not something he could repeat so easily, as the odds of success weren’t that high. It was a 50-50 gamble, but since he won, he was going to squeeze it for all its worth.

“Vitz, fall back!” The White Hand of Life said.

When Vitz heard that, he bolted for it.

“After him!”

The irritated voice of goblins could be heard behind, but there was no hesitation in him. He ran as fast as he could.


Gi Zo regretted his decision when he saw the adventurer running away so quickly. The technique just now was nothing more than a bluff. He shouldn’t be able to repeat it much.

So he decided to chase after him, but then light suddenly filled his vision.

The light of god will show the way.Light.”

When the words of a human fell upon his ears, a light that could scorch his eyes filled the area, and for a moment, he found himself unable to move. By the time he regained his sight, the humans were no more.

“…After them! Absolutely do not let them go!”

He could immediately tell that the humans had run. There were marks on the grass and the smell of the humans lingered yet.

“Bring back the injured. If Lord Gi Ga returns, report to him the situation!”

With the injured gone, there were only 20 of them left. Gi Zo took those 20 to chase after the humans. As they continued, the smell of humans grew stronger.

It was not the smell of Gi De’s murderers, however. But that was all the more reason that he could not let them go. According to the report of Gi De’s subordinates, the number of humans is staggering.

A number too great to count.

Just three of them were already that strong. If they don’t whittle down the enemy’s numbers, the village will surely fall.

He wasn’t certain if even the king himself could deal with that many humans, so he had to put a stop to them here.

“Onward! Slay the humans!”

The goblins ran faster at Gi Zo’s words. Goblins originally ran faster than humans in the forest, for they could move as they pleased. It didn’t take long before the figure of a human appeared before them. Immediately, Gi Zo fired off his water bullet.

“Water bullet!”

The human was able to dodge by bending his body, but he still ended up being delayed.

“Surround him!”

Gi Zo ordered the goblins onward, and they encircled the humans. The humans had their backs to each other, but leaving no chance to fate, Gi Zo had the stone-throwing squad start throwing stones.

There was no need to hurry. If they slowly whittle down the enemy, they can finish them off once they run out of gas.

As he stifled the anger seething within, Gi Zo calmly commanded the goblins.


He fended off the falling stones despite being irritated.

“You sure it’s here!?” Vitz asked.

“Yes, I’m positive,” the White Hand of Life replied.

The three of them fended off the falling stones. They had led the goblins here according to the plan of the While Hand of Life, but Vitz failed to see how this was any better. If anything, it would be more apt to say that they were in a worse situation now than before, since this time they were actually surrounded.

“Don’t worry,” the White Hand of Life said.

He couldn’t get mad at her. The one who decided to gamble was him. He was not forced to this, so he didn’t have the right to get mad just because the plan didn’t work.

Gradually, more and more rocks came flying at them. Some were straight balls and some were curved, the goblins were a truly, tricky bunch.

In the midst of that seemingly endless rain of stones, one grazed past his legs, taking his attention way. It was for a moment, only a moment, but it was in that moment that a stone came falling right over his head.


His mind a bit hazy, he tried to stand up, but stone after stone were already headed his way. There was even a water bullet mixed in with that barrage.

Yugil’s shield had long turned into a mere lump of iron, while his armor was a mess of holes. Even the White Robe of Life had her pure, white robe stained with red here and there.

Is this the end?—

But just as he was about to give up, the screams of goblins resounded in the forest.

“—He made it.”

With a shield bigger than even Yugil’s, it was none other than the Herculean, Wyatt of the Blood Oath of the Flying Swallow.Swallow Clan, who protected them.

“It would have been pretty bad if not for the sign, actually,” the Hawk-Eyed Fick joked.

“Leave the rest to us,” the mage slayer, Mill, who suddenly appeared behind them said.

As the goblins screamed in pain, the swing of a great sword cut through the air. Clad around the great sword were – as his two names implied – a storm of wind.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Die! Die, filthy monsters!!”

The storm knight, Gulland, a raging soul of violence and might. With the swing of his great sword the goblins came flying to the trees, and goblin after goblin were slayed together with their clubs and stakes.

The great sword known as Blue Lightning made short work of the goblins. He was truly the embodiment of the word, hero.


How do you describe a scene like that?

Gi Zo could not think of it, but one such word would be… despair.

As far as Gi Zo was concerned, the only thing he could think of was that a human was attacking them.

Just a while ago, they were pursuing a group of strong humans. When they caught up, they managed to push them into a corner, and were even about to finish them off. But then all of the sudden, everything changed. A great sword clad in storm called upon the winds, and suddenly, they found themselves on the losing end.


They were going to lose.

The indisputable truth before him overwhelmed him.

“No! This can’t go on!”

Be that as it may, however, they couldn’t just stand by doing nothing either. They might not be able to win, but they had to fight. At the very least, he needed to buy time.

“Retreat! All of you retreat! Someone needs to make it back to the village!”

As he ordered his subordinates, he shot a water bullet to the humans that just entered the fray. But that water bullet was easily cut by a female adventurer.

The water bullet that was flying in the air was cut cleanly by the sharp nails of her talons.

“Poorly matched.”

A few words left her lips before she ran for Gi Zo. In the blink of an eye, she was right in front of him. Gi Zo shot more water bullets at her, but they all merely dissipated.

The mage slayer. In her talons lay absolute power against ether, and when she brandished them against Gi Zo, he immediately turned to take some distance.


But the storm right behind her had already cut Gi Zo. By the time he’d taken some distance, he was already a thousand, tiny little pieces.

“Gulland, you dare!?”

Without the slightest concern for Mill, Gulland continued to hack away at his next prey.

“Don’t dawdle, young lady,” he said. “Unless you want to be killed by me.”

His lips twisted a cruel smile as he slaughtered the goblns one after another.


[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Gulland Rifenin
Race, Human
Level, 88
Job, Holy Knight; Storm Knight; Traveler; Seeker of Monster Dens; Frenzied Sword; Soul of A Crazed Warrior;
Possessed Skills, Strong Arm; Swordsmanship A-; Charisma; Raging Greed; Hundred-Demon Slayer; Fire God’s Blessing; Rebellious Spirit
Divine Protection, Fire God
Attributes, Fire
Equipment, Blue Lightning (Great Sword)

Strong Arm
—Prevents backlash when using a skill.

—Other people will respect you. Increases influence.

Seeker of Monster Dens (Previously translated as Dare Devil)
—When fighting in dungeons, strength and mana are raised. (LOW)

Frenzied Sword
—Slash consecutively against a distant target with a storm of swords.

Soul of a Crazed Warrior
—Strength will multiply several times in exchange for one’s sanity.

Raging Greed
—The chance of stealing item from a defeated enemy is increased. If the target doesn’t have any items, damage will increase.

Hundred-Demon Slayer
—Regeneration increased after defeating a monster. (LOW)
—Mana is increased. (MEDIUM)

Fire God’s Blessing
—Damage from fire is reduced. (HIGH)

Rebellious Spirit (Previously translated as Rebellious. Might just be a mistake in my notes.)
—When fighting against a higher classed opponent, mental attacks are negated.


Author’s Note:

Goblin Fatalities: Gi De, Gi Zo, and normal goblins.
Human Fatalities: none

Goblin Casualties: 20 normal goblins
Human Casualties: none (The White Hand of Life healed them.)

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