Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Cynthia’s Adventures II

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Volume 2: Intermission – Cynthia’s Adventures II

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Cynthia
Race, Gray Wolf
Level, 45
Class, Pup
Possessed Skills, Gale Strike; Charge
Divine Protection, None
Attributes, None


The gray wolf dragged me into the gray wolf den.

It was my first time seeing so many gray wolves in one place, but…

I really have to go home to dad.

Elder, this girl is…

The gray wolf that brought me sounded somber. Just hearing his voice made my tail stand up.

No need, the girl can speak for herself. Young one, where did you come from?

The oldest of the gray wolves spoke.

Ugh… One of his eyes was crushed. Looks painful.


From the direction where the sun rises.

What kind of person is your father?

He looked fondly at me as he spoke.

Why isn’t he as scary as the others?

Is it because his voice is warm?

My tail was wagging by itself.


He’s strong and kind.

He didn’t hurt you?

Nope. He’s strict, but he always protects me.


The gray wolf with a somber voice seemed irritated.

Oho? Ferocious fang, it seems you’ve gotten less patient over the years.

My apologies.

The gramps they called elder started sniffing me.

It’s kinda ticklish.

The tribe of the wise ones shall take care of this child. Tell that to the fang tribe.

The surrounding gray wolves all bowed their head.

Gramps is pretty awesome, huh.

Young fang, sleep here tonight. On my name, ancient fang, I swear no harm will come upon you.


Thanks but I really have to go back to dad.

The surrounding gray wolves seemed irritated when I said that.

Hmm… That’s a bit troubling. Unfortunately, there is too much danger lurking in the forest. If something were to happen to you, wouldn’t your father be sad?


I suppose… I mean he was really sad when Mommy Reshia left. Even until now he would sometimes look out into the distance. Gastra was taken too…

In that case, be a good girl and rest here tonight. I’ll be sure to contact your dad.



This gramps wouldn’t lie to you

Alright, then I guess I’ll spend the night here.

Hear me, my people! Tonight! We shall celebrate the arrival of a new blood from the east! We shall feast!

Gramps howled as he said those words.

My tail wagged as his loud voiced resounded.


Gramps said he wanted to hear my story, so we sprawled ourselves over the grass in a sunny place.

The soft grass sure feels nice.

Your dad seems strong.

That’s right. Be it deer or giant spiders, dad can take on anything!

I ended up telling him about my wish to run on two legs. Even though it was supposed to be a secret with Mido… But then again, gramps might know something, so…

Say, Cynthia…

Gramps’ lone eye looked both gentle and sad.



You’re a smart kid, so I’m sure you’ve noticed it already. You and your dad are different, so running on two legs is—


—No! I am my dad’s daughter!

I won’t listen. I won’t hear it.

I might be four-legged now, but one day, I’ll definitely stand on two legs!

I am dad’s daughter! I am my mom’s daughter!



Why would you say something like that, gramps!?

The other wolves including Mido might all make puzzled faces whenever I talk about dad, but you’re wrong, gramps! Or is that what you really think!?

Cynthia that’s not what I mean


Stop it!

My dad is my dad! Stop trying to take him away! If you think he’s not my dad just because I walk on four legs, then I’ll walk on two legs! I don’t need anyone to teach me how!

I love my dad!

I don’t want to be anyone else’s daughter!

So stop it!

My emotions were a mess as I mouthed off like that. Even my tail was shaking.


Gramps called out, but I ran away.

I didn’t want to hear his excuses.


I ran and ran until I couldn’t anymore and stopped under a giant tree.


They’re wrong. All of them. One day, I’ll be able to stand on two legs just like mom and dad.

I’m just a bit slow, that’s all.

Leaning onto the tree with my front legs, I helped myself up.

See? even I can do it.

If I just keep training like this, I’m sure I’ll be able to walk on two legs eventually.

One, two… When I got to the third step, my front legs fell back to the ground.


One, two… And then my front legs fell.


One, two… And then my front legs fell.


AFter countless failures, I fell to my back, my back legs completely exhausted.

—The truth is…

I know.

I don’t look like mom or dad. Gastra and I were clearly different than the others.

And the reason behind that is probably…

My chest began to hurt as I thought to myself, tears welling up from my eyes.

Weird… So, weird…


What are you doing, young fang?

It’s that somber sounding wolf. Since when was he standing there?


I’m practicing to walk on two legs.

The gray wolf sighed before taking a seat beside me.

Let me tell you a story… A story about our chief.

I don’t want to hear it.

No, you have a duty to hear it.

The pressure emanating from the wolf’s gaze bore down on me.

Our chief was named wise and big fang. He was young, strong, and wise. He was the son of the elder and my cousin, a wolf who carried the hope of a tribe on his shoulders.

The gray wolf’s voice was gentle as he seemed to look somewhere distant.

At the time, we were starving. We have food problems even now, but it was different then. Back then, the hunger was so great we had to each other just to survive. I don’t know what caused the famine, but regardless, because of that someone had to find a new home for the tribe.

Gradually, a hint of sadness filled his voice.

He seems sad.

There was a legend passed down from our ancestors. According to it, there’s a paradise to the east. A bountiful land where the wolves had no enemies. Those living on that land all had no fangs, and even if they did, they would only be harmless critters.

The gray wolf smiled.

Someone needed to go scout the land, the one who volunteered was none other than our young chief. Our young, strong, and wise chief. He stood up in our time of trouble and headed to the unknown land with his wife.

The gray wolf turned to me.

But he never came back. Fortunately, the famine ended and we survived. Still, he did not return. Many moons passed, and then… you appeared.

Various emotions filled his eyes. There was hope, and then there was love.

Do you know? Where our chief, the wise and big fang went?


I don’t. Sorry.

Naturally. After all, if he were alive, do you think he would allow his own child to fall into his enemy’s hands!?

The gray wolf growled as he bared his fangs.

I won’t forgive your father’s killer. He dared kill my cousin, my brother. Even his wife. And then he even went so far as to raise their children as his pets!


You’re wrong! My dad wouldn’t do such a thing! Dad is kind!

Wrong! The only reason your dad seems kind is because he’s raising you to be a pet! Young fang, remember your pride.

One moment stern, the next moment kind.

When I heard your howl, I knew then that you carried his blood. Our hearts stirred at the sound of your voice. One day you will be able to lead our tribe. Young fang, come with us. With you at the lead, one day, perhaps we will restore our former glory, where we knew no hunger.


I don’t know. I don’t know…

Think about it. If you come with us, everyone will welcome you.

What’s his problem? Saying whatever he wants… I want to be with dad.

What’s with that wise and big fang?



…It sounds nostalgic… and reassuring.

What should I do?


Tl Note: Fourth chapter of the week.


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  1. Goblin Kingdom really is quite special, even mascot characters like Cynthia and Haru can be main characters of an arc.

  2. i cant remember how the king got cynthia and his brother? did he kill their parents and raised them like that wolf said? or did he just met them? i cant remember it? can someone refresh my memory from that time? its better if you give me the chapter when the king obtain them.. thanks

      1. King only fought the father. The mom died giving birth and the kids almost died too till Reshia healed them.

  3. “Back then, the hunger was so great we had to each other just to survive”

    They had to each other ?!?! Oh My God, That’s Horrible !

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