Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Cynthia’s Adventures I

Goblin Name Cheat Sheet

The [Goblin] is to make it easier to CTRL+F

[Goblin]Gi Ga
The goblin in that estranged group that was with the protagonist when he defeated an orc. He is currently a noble class, the highest amongst the protagonist’s subordinates. He prefers to use the spear.

[Goblin] Gi Gu
The former leader of the village. He was pressured by the protagonist in his goblin noble form, and was added to his subordinates. He uses the long sword, and is relatively smart for a goblin rare. Became a goblin noble in chapter 39.

[Goblin] Gi Gi
Known as a beast warrior, a goblin with the ability to tame beasts.
He evolved while hunting spear deer with the protagonist.
He prefers to use the axe. His goblin class is rare.

[Goblin] Gi Go
A goblin with many wounds on his body. The food of his horde was stolen by the gray wolves, so he made a decision to follow the protagonist. He is the most experienced amongst the goblin rares. His weapon is a curved katana. He acts like a samurai.

Recently became a noble, and received the divine protection of the Sword God, Ra Baruza.

[Goblin] Gi Za
The druid goblin rare that recently joined them.

[Goblin] Gi Ji
A goblin rare. He evolved in chapter 37 after hunting with Gi Ga. He has the <> skill which makes him great for scouting.

[Goblin] Gi Do
Druid. Uses wind magic.

[Goblin] Gi Jii
Goblin Rare. From Gi Gu’s Faction. He is known for his <> which allows him to see his opponent’s weakness.

[Goblin] Gi Da
Goblin Rare. From Gi Ga’s faction. Notable skills are <> and <>.

[Goblin] Gi Zu.
Goblin Rare. The goblin favored by the Mad God (Zu Oru). Has the <> skill.

[Goblin] Gi Zo
Druid. Water magician.

[Goblin] Gi De
Beast tamer.

[Goblin] Aluhaliha
Leader of Paradua, one of the four goblin tribes and are known for their use of rider-beasts, which are essentially giant tigers.

[Goblin] Rashka
Leader of Gaidga, one of the four goblin tribes and are known for their valor and brutish strength.

[Goblin] Gilmi
Receiver of the title, The First Archer. He is the second in command in Ganra, one of the four tribes known for their rare ability amongst goblins to use bows.

[Goblin] Narsa
The Princess of Ganra. She is the only female goblin rare introduced so far.


Other Characters


Reshia Fel Zeal (17 years-old)
The priestess known as the saint. As the Healing Goddess’ follower, she lives to spread the word and teach righteousness. She has the divine protection of the goddess, and can heal others.

Lili (21 years-old)
She studied the famous sword style, Zweil Style, in the capital. She has sworn fealty to Reshia. And while she may have lost to the protagonist in one hit, she has proven herself strong enough to easily defeat three normal goblins.

Mattis (26 years-old)
The second son of a farmer. He’s largely responsible for drying the meat to preserve them.

Chinos (24 years-old)
The third son of a farmer. He plows the fields and is close to Mattis.

Keifel (28 years-old)
An adventurer who took on a request to escort Reshia through the Forest of Darkness. He’s strong enough that he could easily wield a steel great sword, but the protagonist still managed to kill him.

Zeon (32 years-old)
A follower of Ativ. He specializes in fire magic. In his battle against the protagonist, he used his fire magic, but still lost. In the end, he tried to blow himself up along with the protagonist, but the protagonist’s words agitated him, causing him to lose the opportunity.

Tinra (23 years-old)
A villager. She is one of the women used by the goblins as a breeding machine that the protagonist killed.

Ashtal Do Germion (59 years-old)
The king that rules the western region of the continent in which the Forest of Darkness and the connecting borders are included. He is a powerful ruler with seven holy knights under him. He has recently ordered three of those holy knights to search for the saint.

Gowen Ranid (45 years-old)
The feudal lord that rules over the region next to the Forest of Darkness. As one of the country’s strongest powers, he is renowned as the Iron-Armed Knight. He is currently leading his soldiers in a quest to find the saint.

Gulland Rifenin (31 years-old)
A former adventurer. As one of the country’s strongest powers, he is renowned as the Storm Knight. He’d been stationed in the northern mountains, but the king called him back to send him off in a quest for the saint.

Gene Marlon (24 years-old)
As one of the country’s strongest powers, he is renowned as Lightning-Fast Knight. He was previously stationed at the south, but the king called him back to send him on a quest to search for the saint. Killing is his favorite past-time. Whether it’s a man, a demihuman or a monster, they’re all just pieces of meat to be cut down before him.

Herculean Wyatt (40 years-old)
A member of the Blood Oath of the Flying Swallow. He specializes in handling great shields. He has a gentle personality, but beware for his anger isn’t one to be taken lightly.

Mage Killer Mill (19 years-old)
A member of the Blood Oath of the Flying Swallow. She is an assassin that favors the use of talons. Renowned as the mage killer, she is a mage’s worst nightmare.

Wand of Destruction Bellan (37 years-old)
A member of the Blood Oath of the Flying Swallow. He wields a fire staff. As a former knight, he cares a great deal about honor.

Hawk-Eyed Fick (31 years-old)
An adventurer with two names. He has exceptional perception and skill. He is currently searching through the Forest of Darkness under Gulland’s lead.

The White Hand of Life (Previously translated as divine hands) (Age Unknown)
A priest robed in white. She specializes in healing and support. Her age, name, and origin are all unknown.

Vitz (25 years-old)
A talkative sword-wielding adventurer. He’s actual strength isn’t bad, but he’s still far from being deserving of a second name.

Yugil (26 years-old)
An adventurer and an unwilling shield bearer. He might appear old, but he is actually still young.

Yoshu (26 years-old)
The younger brother of the slaves Gene purchased. The collar of obedience around his neck keeps him from going against Gene’s orders. Healers are rare, so he’s been made into a shield bearer.

Shumea (28 years-old)
The older sister of the slaves Gene purchased. The collar of obedience around her neck keeps her from going against Gene’s orders. Contrast to her brother who bears a shield, she uses a spear.

Household of the Gods

The Goddess of the Underworld and the Goddess of Valor. As the goddess the snakes serve, she has given her blessing to the protagonist. She is a dangerous woman with her deep jealousy and fierce temperament.

The Goddess of Healing. She has given her blessing to Reshia. She has also warned the protagonist to protect her. Altesia might hate her, but she doesn’t feel the same way toward Altesia.

Pitch Black (Verid)
A one-eyed red-eyed snake that belongs to the Goddess of the Underworld.

Twin-Headed Snake
Known to the goblins as the Lord of Decay. He is one of the snakes that fought the world with the Goddess of the Underworld.


The elven woman Gene purchased. She became a slave after running away from her tribe.

A high kobold. She is one of the protagonist’s pets.
The protagonist managed to tame her by giving her orc corps and other meat as bait.
She is a fortuitous kobold who somehow managed to become the leader of her pack.

As the pup of the gray wolves, she has been given the elven name that means lady of the lake. Reshia, Lili, and other children and women are quite taken by her lovely fur.

As the pup of the gray wolves, he has been given the name of a wise human monarch that means sovereign of the wind’s howls. His uninhibited personality leads him to battle Hasu for ranks on a daily basis.

A timid orc. Gol Gol had taken a liking for him despite his small body. After Gol Gol died, he led the orcs to the west, but the protagonist managed to capture them.

Gol Gol
The orc king that attacked the village. He is a berserker who can use skills. He was defeated by the protagonist.


Volume 2: Intermission – Cynthia’s Adventures I

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Cynthia
Race, Gray Wolf
Level, 45
Class, Pup
Possessed Skills, Gale Strike; Charge
Divine Protection, None
Attributes, None





I can’t believe I performed so horribly in front of dad…

He patted me on the head as if nothing was wrong, and I ended up wagging my tail as a result, but… I was shocked. Who could’ve thought that crab would pull off such an underhanded trick at the end?


I can’t call Gastra stupid anymore.

Even though I’m supposed to be the older sister who should protect him!

Sigh… What to do? Dad’s not around because of the meeting.


Is that a friend I smell?

Well, dad is busy, so I’m sure it’ll be fine if I go out and play.

Wow, they’re running really fast on two legs.

Oh! They might know of a way to run on two legs!

If I can learn how to run on two legs, I’ll be a lot more like dad!

Kicking off against the branches and passing through the grass, I chased after the two-legged friends.

Huh? Where did they go?

“…And just when I was wondering who was following us.”

Suddenly, I was taken by the neck.

Hey, stop it!


“Oh, sorry. This isn’t how a lady should be treated.”



Gently, I was brought back to the ground.

Whew, as I thought, I just can’t be at ease unless my feet are firmly rooted on the ground.

“That’s right. You might be small, but you’re a wonderful lady.”

Oh! So I’m a lady!

“Let me introduce myself, friend. I am Mido. Mido of the werewolves, also known as the tyrant.”

Mido, huh.

He put me back down gently, and he doesn’t seem to be a bad person. I guess I should at least remember his name.



“I see, so your name is Cynthia. What an odd name. Was it an elder who named you?”

Hmm? Elder? What’s that? Is he talking about that wrinkled green guy?


My dad named me! My name means ‘Lady of the Lake Shore’!

“Oh, so you’re dad named you. He seems well-learned. I would like to meet him, but…”

Hmm? Oh, right!


Teach me how to run on two legs!

“A way to run on two legs? My, you ask some hard requests, Lady Cynthia. But why ever would you want to run on two legs? Isn’t it faster to run on four?”

Unconsciously, my ears and tail drooped. I wonder if he’ll laugh if I say I want to be more like dad.


It’s a secret.

“A secret, huh. You know, while I might look like this, I’m a man who keeps his word. Won’t you tell me that secret? If I know the reason, I might be able to teach you better than if I didn’t.”

Oh, so that’s why he wants to know. But what to do…


Don’t tell anyone, alright? Promise?

“Of course, I swear it on my honor. I would never do something to embarrass a friend.”

Then I guess I can tell him.


It’s because dad also runs on two legs! I want to become more like dad!


Huh? Why is he so quiet all of the sudden? And why is he making a difficult face? I know he promised not to tell anyone, but surely that doesn’t mean he won’t talk anymore, right? I mean how is he supposed to teach me if he doesn’t talk?

“Friend… won’t you come with me for a bit?’

I wonder if dad won’t mind me being gone for a while. The sun’s almost set too.

But I also need to learn how to run on two legs…

“Friend, if my guts are right, this might be your last chance to secure your happiness.”

What!? So this is my last chance?


Let’s go then!

“Ok then, hop on my shoulder.”

I jumped on Mido’s shoulders just like I did with dad.

“Don’t fall now.”

Of course.



Fast! Mido said running on four legs is faster, but if it’s possible to run this fast on two legs, wouldn’t it be fine?

“We’re almost there, young lady.”



The passing wind feels nice. My tail is happily wagging.

We sure came far though. He better send me back home too. I can go home on my own, but it’ll take me a while by myself.

I hope dad doesn’t get mad. If he does, I’ll just have to blame everything on Mido. Right, let’s do that.


Howls suddenly resounded from everywhere.

“We’re here.”

Hmm? We’ve arrived? I don’t think there’s anything here though.

“Mido of the werewolves has come to meet with the friends!”

Mido yelled right by my ears, so my head went dizzy. I almost fell off, but I managed to use my claws to keep myself from falling.

I complained, but Mido kept looking ahead.

Oh? You’re ignoring a lady? That’s pretty gutsy of you! I’ll show you!

I bit him, but then the thickets swayed. When I looked ahead, there were big friends up ahead.

That was my first time seeing them.


I jumped off Mido’s shoulders.

I slowly walked, taking big strides forward while I looked up.

A friend looked down at me.

“Whose daughter are you?”

The words resounded within my head. It seems those words came from this guy in front of me.

Hmm… What do I say to this?


I’m dad’s daughter!

“Fierce fang, do you know of this friend?” Mido asked.

The gray wolf shook his head.

“That would make this one a stray then. I found her in the south, not far from the araneae village.”

What is the name of your father? Your mother? What is your name?”

Arrogant bastard!


Dad is dad! My mom is Reshia! I’m Cynthia!

Tell him! I tried to tell Mido, but when I turned, I saw him crying.

Huh? What’s going on? I made Mido cry?

That is not our name.

“So this child really is…”

Someone picked her up and raised her like a pet.

The gray wolf in front of me bared his fangs.

Huh? W-Wait a moment, isn’t this a bit scary!?

“There is no one from around here who would dare to do such a thing. Doing so is the same as a declaration of war, after all,” Mido said as he wiped his tears.

Huh? Is this wolf mad because Mido is crying?

Is it my fault? Huh?

“But there is someone who came here recently! Those goblins!”

Mido’s fangs are getting bigger. Huh? Even his body is getting bigger!? Why!?

Then the answer is clear

“…Unforgivable!! Unforgivable, those beasts!!”

That’s a scary pressure, Mido. My ears are ringing, and my tail is shivering.

“I’m gonna kill every single one of those gobs! They will pay for the sin of trampling on our friends!!”

Hmm? Goblin? Is he talking about dad?


Stop, Mido! I love dad! My dad is strong! So don’t do anything!

“Don’t worry, little lady. I am also strong… I am the strongest of our tribe. I am the tyrant, Mido! Just wait here, ok?”

Don’t turn your back on me! Hey, Mido!

Huh? Where did he go?

Calm down, friend.

The gray wolf spoke again. Yeah, that’s right, stop him!

“You think I can calm down!? I’m going to bloody those goblins this instant!”

I’m saying we will also come with you

Mido stopped for a moment, but in the next moment, he burst out.

“Woooooof! I am glan, friend. Right, the enemy of a friend, is the enemy of all. I told him to come here in three days. Let’s kill everyone.”


He’s not an enemy!

“Fierce fang, I know I’m being selfish, but can you take care of this lady here? Can I leave it to you to teach her how to live as she should?”

Rest assured, I shall do as my friend asks

“Thank you, friend! See ya, little lady. I shall wipe away all the shame you’ve gone through!”

Everything happened so fast, by the time I came to, Mido was already gone.

W-Wait Mido!

Shall we go then, little fang? We have to say hello to your elders.

I’m going home!

Trying to resist, eh? What a cheeky brat.

The gray wolf carried me by the neck with his mouth.

Resistance was futile.


Tl Note: Friend this, friend that… And yet they forgot to do the most important thing a friend should do: listen.






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