Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gi Zu’s Duel Record II (2/2)

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Volume 2: Intermission – Gi Zu’s Duel Record II

Name Gi Zu Ruo
Race Goblin
Level 15
Class Noble
Possessed Skills Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Mastery B-; Instant Kill; Mad Shishi; Bite
Divine Protection Mad God
Attributes None

In one of the plains that dotted the forest, where the winds blew against the tall grasses that reached up one’s knees and the forest could no longer be seen…

“Pops, won’t you reconsider it?” Zu Vet asked.

“Reconsider what? I’m challenging that thing, you just stay put and watch,” Gi Zu said stubbornly, causing Zu Vet to almost faint.

“So, which one is the enboro?” Gi Zu asked.

“That one… That big one,” Zu Vet said, pointing to a conspicuously big cow over 3 meters tall.

“That one, huh,” Gi Zu fiercely smiled in a way that revealed his fangs.

When Zu Vet and the others saw that, they couldn’t help but twitch.

“You guys wait here. If I die, send a messenger to the north,” Gi Zu said.

“Pops!” Zu Vet cried.

“Tell the king that his warrior, Gi Zu Ruo, has died,” Gi Zu said, then he took his spear and ran toward the enboro.

Gi Zu had run with all his might and thrust his spear, but the most he could do was wound the legs of the enboro. The enboro had managed to dodge in time.

“BAGOooOOA!” The enboro was filled with rage when it realized that its legs were wounded and it seized Gi Zu.

The pressure emanating from the enboro was nothing to scoff at, especially up close. Strong horns like hammers, a thick neck that supported them, and four sculpted limbs.

A smile appeared on Gi Zu’s lips as he challenged this worthy adversary.

“GURUoOOOAAO!” Gi Zu bellowed out a howl that wouldn’t lose to the enboro, then dodging the enboro’s charge by a hair’s breadth, he struck his spear toward its legs. Unfortunately, even with the Mad Shishi bolstering his strength, it was no trifle task to hurt an enboro.

Gi Zu could only slowly whittle away at the strength of the enboro, so he needed to ensure that he kept his distance from the beast. Unfortunately, being a close-combat specialist, that meant that he could not fight with his best techniques, and the most he could do was to keep the enboro’s hammer-like horns at bay. But even then, he could only keep half of its attacks away, the rest still managed to make their way towards him. One slip up and Gi Zu could find himself in the grave.

2 hours passed as Gi Zu and the enboro danced on the edge of life and death, yet somehow someway, Gi Zu managed to successfully defeat the enboro.

When the enboro fell to the ground, an earth shaking sound erupted, and Zu Vet and the rest of the goblins looked on dumbfounded, silence filling the area for a good second or two before cheers took its place.

Zu Vet and the rest of the goblins kept an eye out while Gi Zu finished off the immobile enboro.

After finishing off his prey, Gi Zu lost the last of his strength, and so, Zu Vet and the rest of the goblins had to drag him along with the enboro back to the village.


On the way back, Zu Vet never stopped praising Gi Zu.

“I always knew you could do it, Pops! Don’t let others tell you otherwise!” Zu Vet said.

This was how Zu Vet showed his happiness, it was his defining trait.

Zu Vet lent his shoulder to Gi Zu to help him walk.

The rare class goblins, Zu Bi and Zu Bo, were also happy

After all, they were able to subjugate an opponent they believed they could not win against.

But their happiness didn’t last, for not long after, the earth shook as a giant figure appeared before them.

With a height equaling that of the trees and a giant axe-like weapon and shield in its hands, that was none other than the gigantopitecus.

“…Gigantopitecus…” Zu Vet muttered in a daze, as Gi Zu looked up at that giant figure.

Eyes hidden by its long fur, a bare mouth in contrast, from which large fangs could be seen.

That giant looked down on the goblins. When it saw the dead enboro, its lips curved into a smile.

It was as if it didn’t even see the goblins as it took the corpse of the enboro.

The village goblins tried to pull back the enboro, but the gigantopitecus easily took it with one hand.

The resulting waves from its display of strength, knocked down some of the goblins, causing them to run away screaming.

“…Gu, that’s pop’s prey!” Zu Vet cried as he tried to chase after the gigantopitecus.

But Gi Zu stopped him.

“It’s fine,” Gi Zu said. “Prioritize the escape of the goblins.”

“Pops!” Zu Vet cried, gritting his fist in frustration.

But he followed Gi Zu’s orders and told the normal goblins to back off.

At that, they moved away from the enboro and gathered under Zu Bi and Zu Bo.

The goblins could only helplessly watch as the gigantopitecus left with the enboro’s corpse. They were so frustrated at their helplessness that none of them spoke for a long time.

“Pops… I’m sorry. If only I was stronger…” Zu Vet said.

Gi Zu shook his head despite his fading consciousness. “It’s good… that the others are safe… If they were to die in a place like this… I wouldn’t… have a face.. to show… the… king…”

Zu Vet couldn’t lift up his head. Gi Zu actually cared more for the goblins than for his hunt. That kindness touched him, and for the first time, Zu Vet found his behavior in the past to be shameful.

“Pops, you just watch… We’ll show you.”

From this day forward, Gi Zu’s goblins would unify and grow into a powerful force.

These goblins would never forget the figure of the gigantopitecus nonchalantly taking their pop’s prey. One day, they would surely get their revenge.


170 days until the war with the humans.



Gi Zu Ruo’s level has risen.

15 => 68

Bloodbath learned.

Bloodbath —When bathed in the blood of a brethren, damage received is lessened, but the influence of the mad god will grow stronger.


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    1. After the bare handed beating he gave Zu Vet, he might have some teeth stuck in his hands to grit together. ;^)

      Otherwise agreeing with ‘clenching his fist’ or ‘gritting his teeth’

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