Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gi Zu’s Duel Record II (1/2)

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Volume 2: Intermission – Gi Zu’s Duel Record II (1/2)

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Gi Zu Ruo
Race, Goblin
Level, 15
Class, Noble
Possessed Skills, Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Mastery B-; Instant Kill; Mad Shishi; Bite
Divine Protection, Mad God
Attributes, None


The noble goblin that had a large wound extending from its shoulder to its chest grabbed another normal goblin and threw him at Gi Zu.

Gi Zu dodged the goblin even as spears were thrust at him, then – just as the name Mad Shishi implied – he forced his way through.

When the noble class goblin saw that, he threw another normal goblin at Gi Zu.

“The same trick won’t work again!” Gi Zu changed grips on his spear to a backhand and threw it at the normal goblin.

The spear flew through the air and collided with the goblin, piercing through it, dead.

With his spear gone, Gi Zu’s innate brutality and battle instincts finally showed their true colors.


Rusted sword, clubs, sharpened wood for spears… All sorts of weapon slammed into Gi Zu, but he was unrelenting. He charged single-mindedly forward.


The fire raging within seemed to have possessed Gi Zu, as even his small wounds started gushing out blood.

Dyed in red, Gi Zu took the head of the normal goblin blocking his way and crushed it, then he broke the arm of a rare class goblin and kicked him away.

A spear came thrusting for him, but Gi Zu slipped through it and bit the neck of another rare class goblin.


Without even the time to cry, the throat of the rare class goblin was torn apart. The gushing blood bathed Gi Zu’s whole body in another layer of red as he smiled fiercely, his sharp fangs showing.

“Who else shall I bore my fangs into!?” Gi Zu provokingly said as he took a step forward.

After Gi Zu tore apart the neck of a rare class goblin with his fangs, he took the dismembered head of the goblin and threw it toward the noble goblin, who watched the whole thing dazed.

The noble goblin tried to sweep away the head, but then Gi Zu suddenly bolted for him with terrifying speed.



With his howl, Gi Zu slammed his fist into the noble goblin, launching the goblin that was even bigger than Gi Zu himself a good distance away.

Yet Gi Zu did not stop.

“Pick yourself up and stand!” Gi Zu demanded. “Or are you going to make me beat someone while he’s lying on the ground!?”

Gi Zu ran toward the noble goblin and used his whole body’s strength to slam his fist at the noble goblin as he tried to pick himself up.

Each time Gi Zu swung his fists, the face of the goblin changed and Gi Zu’s bones broke, but Gi Zu never stopped beating the noble class goblin.


It was a violence so bloodcurdling the surrounding area even appeared to become hazy. Gi Zu used his overwhelming strength to beat the noble class goblin senseless.

Because of the divine protection of the Mad God, Gi Zu would lose himself and stop feeling pain whenever he was bathed in the blood of his brethren.

“S, ave– please,” the noble goblin tried to beg, but only an endless flurry of fists were there to answer him.

Gi Zu kept beating the noble class goblin until he lost consciousness. When he finally stopped, he looked around him. The goblins around no no longer had the will to fight.

The only thing that reflected on their eyes now was the embodiment of violence that was Gi Zu.

The sight of Gi Zu suppressing his enemy with nothing more than his bare fists was so violent that it struck fear in the hearts of these goblins.

“Let it be known, from now on, this village belongs to I, Gi Zu Ruo. If there is any of you in disagreement, step forward!”

Gi Zu waved his blood stained hands at the surrounding goblins, but only prostrated heads and shrinking figures responded to his call. No one wished to fight anymore.


It was now the eighth day since Gi Zu had taken over the village of that noble goblin, and Gi Zu was not happy. Ever since that day, the noble class who was supposed to be Gi Zu’s equal was so scared of him that he would always cower whenever they met. Meanwhile, the normal goblins would immediately prostrate themselves the moment Gi Zu made so much as an eek.

Gi Zu sat on the ground with his hand on his head and quietly complained to himself.

“This isn’t what I wanted…” He said.

He shouldn’t have let go of the spear.

It was unthinkable for Gi Ga’s number one disciple to let go of the spear. Because of that he even ended up fighting like a beast, just like he used to. No, in fact, he fought even more savagely than in the past.

“I can’t become like Lord Gi Ga like this.”

The mad shishi, Gi Zu Ruo, wanted to become like Gi Ga Rax, a goblin who was feared and respected. The goblins might fear him now, but no one respected him.

In the end, Gi Zu couldn’t come up with an answer. He had to continue his mission like this.

“Then again, I am not Lord Gi Ga.”

It was impossible to become him from the start.

“Hey,” Gi Zu called out to the noble goblin.

“Ah, yes,” the noble goblin said with his head lowered.

First, Gi Zu would give the goblins a name. He couldn’t possibly call them with ‘hey’ forever, could he? If he did that he would be putting the great king’s teachings to waste.

“I’m thinking of giving you a name,” Gi Zu said.

“A name? Is that edible?” The goblin asked, puzzled.

Gi Zu shook his head and reprimanded him. “To receive a name is to receive honor from the king.”

“Honor, you say,” the goblin said.

The goblin still didn’t understand, so Gi Zu had no choice but to patiently explain.

“The king bestows a name upon us, and with it we receive things different from goblins without.”

Gi Zu was not good at explaining. But that was a given, after all, he had always been the type to prefer action over words.

“In other words, by receiving a name, one receives honor, which allows one to eat more?” The goblin asked.

“Yes,” Gi Zu nodded.

Gi Zu felt like something was off, but he wasn’t wrong.

The noble goblin called out to his subordinates. “Hey, you bastards. Go thank pops! He’s going to give us names! Receive it with gratitude!”

These goblins referred to Gi Zu as ‘Pops’. Well, whatever, he thought. As long as they didn’t call him king, anything was fine. He didn’t really get it, though. After all, he wasn’t exactly their parent, now was he?

It was probably their custom. Either way, Gi Zu didn’t bother asking.

“I shall give you a part of the name that the king has given me. You shall be Zu Vet.””

“Hehe!” Zu Vet deeply bowed with satisfaction.

Gi Zu named the two remaining rare goblins as well. There used to be four, but Gi Zu killed two, so there were only two left.

“You shall be Zu Bi. You shall be Zu Bo,” Gi Zu said.

The two rare class goblins danced to show their happiness.

“Uncle, I’m Zu Bi!”

“Uncle, I’m Zu Bo!”

Gi Zu watched the goblins dance with satisfaction, then he spoke to Zu Vet about his plans to conquer his next village.

“Vet, have you been gathering food?” Gi Zu asked.

“Yes, the three-man cell you taught us really helped. We should be able to gather the food soon…” Zu Vet said.

“I am not great, the king is,” Gi Zu corrected.

“I see. The king is great,” Zu Vet said.

Zu Vet didn’t seem serious when he said that, but Gi Zu didn’t blame him. After all, they had never met the king. It was only natural that they couldn’t understand his greatness.

When Gi Zu came here, the most surprising thing he noted was the fact that the goblins were raising Noro Bison, a kind of livestock with long fur covering its whole body and two horns protruding from its head toward the sky.

“Those guys were caught by the guy who made the village. They’re really convenient, so we figured we’d put them to use. Besides, they can be eaten too if the need shows itself,” Zu Vet said.

It seems it was the same goblin that left that scar on Vet.

“It’s a pity that a warrior’s life was lost,” Gi Zu said.

He was probably a skilled beast tamer, Gi Zu thought. He might have been able to get along with Lord Gi Gi.

“Really?” Zu Vet asked.

Gi Zu nodded, then he asked Zu Vet to have the nearby goblin villages scouted. Goblins sent out would sometimes not come back, but when he asked Zu Vet about it, he just said that it was normal.

“There are mindless giants (Gigantopitecus) and ogres nearby, and giant hammer cows (enboro) in the fields, so…” Zu Vet explained.

But Gi Zu had never heard those names before. “What are those?”

“Oh, right, you came from the north. The gigantopitecus is a monster twice my size. There’s no fighting it, only running,” Zu Vet said.

Zu Vet was already twice Gi Zu’s size, though he was still a little smaller than the king, he was undoubtedly big; if the gigantopitecus were twice his size, it would be a monster comparable to an ogre.

“As for ogre…” Zu Vet was about to say.

“That one I know. Our king hunted them,” Gi Zu said.

“Ho? Well, that’s something,” Zu Vet said.

Zu Vet couldn’t imagine a goblin ever hunting an ogre, but he didn’t dare doubt Gi Zu’s words. It wasn’t right to doubt someone he looked up to like a father.

“Indeed,” Gi Zu said. “What about that enboro?”

“The enboro live in the plains with axe-like horns… They’re fast and they’ll come chasing as soon as they spot us.”


Gi Zu folded his arms and considered which prey would please the king the most.

“Do you know where the gigantopitecus and the ogres live?” Gi Zu asked.

“…No, but they usually prowl the forest, so…” Zu Vet answered despite feeling something was off.

“Then I’ll challenge the enboro,” Gi Zu said.

“Pops! I won’t say anything bad, but it’s really dangerous!” Zu Vet pleaded.

“Nope! I’m doing it! How could I ever face the king if I left a strong prey alone!” Gi Zu proudly said.

Zu Vet could only watch, dumbfounded, as Gi Zu left.

“Is pops insane!?” Zu Vet asked.

But he couldn’t leave him alone as his follower, even if he has been abandoned by his real parents.

“Hey, you bastards!”

Resolving himself, Vet stood up and called to the goblins of the village.

“Pops is hunting the enboro! We’re going after him!”

The goblins cried as soon as the word ‘enboro’ got out, but he slapped them and forced them up, then he took the goblins and chased after Gi Zu.

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