Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 258 – Supreme Army (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 258 – Supreme Army (3/3)

“The three generals will gather at the north, while Fanzel will stay at the back in case something unexpected happens.”

The Goblin King nodded upon seeing the military formation Pale laid out on the map.

“The enemy will probably try to lure us into Orphen. Gi Ga Rax-dono will take Orphen from the west, Gi Gu Verbena-dono from the southwest, and Gi Gi Orudo-dono from the south.

The king’s piece was positioned behind the army surrounding Orphen. It was accompanied by Gi Jii Yubu and Gi Zu Ruo, who watched its flanks.

If the enemy were to bring the fight to the territory of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom, they will have to fight within the vast plains. No matter how big their army is, a contest in mobility isn’t winnable. They should know that as well; hence, they will likely try to defeat the goblins within their territory, where the battle could be decided by numbers.

“Your Majesty will lead the main force from the southwest.”

“What are the odds of them coming out to the plains like the War Princess did?”

“Most of the soldiers gathered in Orphen are footmen. None of our intels have made mention of a large cavalry, so there shouldn’t be any need to consider the possibility.”

“I see,” the Goblin King nodded.

“The enemy has gathered their forces to defend, but we will take advantage of our mobility to disorient them, then regather quickly to launch a bold attack from the front.”

The king’s piece was at the center, while Gi Gu Verbena and Gi Ga Rax was at the left, and Gi Gi Orudo, Gi Zu Ruo, and Gi Jii Yubu were at the right.

This formation akin to a bird spreading its wings is known as the Crane Wings Formation.

The Goblin King found Pale’s decision surprising, so he asked her.

“You want me to lead my cavalry in a frontal assault?”

“You want to bring her back, right? That girl you love, with your own hands.”

For a moment, the king was speechless.

“…Hmph, you have a way with words.”

The king’s lips twisted as though in attempt to hide his embarrassment, but Pale just smiled.

“Please win and take the continent. And please rescue that girl you love too.”

Pale took a deep bow, and the king nodded and stood up, a fire lit within his chest.

Now that their briefing was done, he needed to check on the training of his imperial guards, so Pale saw him off, then she called for Gi Za Zakuend. Unlike the king, Gi Za wasn’t happy to see the formation on the map.

“And here I thought you’d be more concerned of the king’s safety.”

“When the battle begins, the king’s mind will surely wander to the girl. Having him fight at the frontlines will make it much easier to understand his movements than if we were to try and maneuver him in a more complicated manner.”

“It’s still too dangerous!”

“I know that doesn’t change the fact that it’s dangerous, but powerful warriors have been gathered behind the king.”

Rashka of Gaidga, Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King, Yustia the Chieftess of the Snow Demons (Yugushiva).

“Moreover, the druid platoon will also be here.”

Pale pointed to the location right next to king’s army.

“Protect His Majesty, Gi Za Zakuend-dono. As deep as your allegiance to His Majesty runs, be a shield that will ward off his foes and a blade that will cut down all that stand in his way.”

“I don’t need you to tell me that.”

Gi Za glared sharply at Pale before turning heel. After Gi Za left, Pale turned to the map once more.

“Of course, Reshia Fel Zeal will be at the heart of the enemy army. Breaking through that will require a blow of unparalleled power. Of course, the enemy will fortify that position as well.”

Pale thought of a living legend told in the northern countries, a legend about the mightiest power, Oron.

“That legend and the king mustn’t clash.”

That’s why she positioned them in such an obvious manner.

She would bind the enemies’ movements and pinpoint their positions, then to neutralize Oron’s threat, she gathered the strongest warriors and druids. Pale may have exposed the king to the frontlines, but she was protecting him faithfully without a doubt.

On the battlefield, there is no such thing as a safe place.

As such, the only thing one can do is to consider the threat that can be calculated and plan the king’s safety accordingly.

In this way, the battlefield slowly revealed itself on the palm of this inscrutable tactician.


After the height of summer of the third year of the King’s Calendar, the Goblin King led his army out of Revea Su.

This army was led by the Goblin King’s cavalry of 600, accompanied by Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol, Gi Zu Ruo’s Thousand-Demon Army(Sazanorga), Rashaka’s Gaidga Tribe, Gi Go Amatsuki’s sword platoon, and Yustia’s snow demons. Gi Za Zakuend and Gi Do Buruga also came with the druids, while Pale the Tactician brought her elven warriors that she directly commanded.

Though few in numbers, the combat-specialized units under the Goblin King were expected to greatly affect the outcome of the battle. The Goblin King led his forces straight up north, but while the goblins moved onwards, the leaders of the Ivory Tower did just as Pale expected and patiently waited with their coalition army at the southern part of Orphen.

In a wasteland with swamps to the west and forests to the east, the coalition army formed from 24 countries stood proud and mighty with 48,000 soldiers laid out in the Fish Scales Formation.

They have built many wooden fences and labyrinth-like anti-cavalry palisades to limit the mobility of the goblins. They have also built their camp in preparation for a decisive battle.

They intended to receive the attack of the enemy from the south, and then at the peak of their fatigue, end them. A simple plan built around the fundamentals with no openings.

The Goblin King climbed up a small but tall hill just as Pale told him to, and looked down at the subordinates neatly lined up below him. The imperial guard, also known as the ‘wounded ones’, followed after the king and raised the flag of the black sun, the flag of Alrodena.


“Your Majesty.”

“A great army stands before us, but the valiant figures of our beautiful chaos will make them forget that soon enough.”

The goblins at the center of the army did not flinch even a little regardless of their class. They merely beheld the king as he stood up there on the hill while mounted on his terrifying carnivorous horse.

The four ancestral tribes of the goblins, the southern goblins that ruled the southern part of the Forest of Darkness. To the new recruits from the Fortress of the Abyss, these were all veteran goblin warriors that have survived countless battles.

There were also demihumans and elves participating because of the treaty they signed.

Then there were those who were participating because they were able to reclaim their plains, those participating because they wished for more land, and those who wished to merely prove their strength.

Then there were the humans.

Some participated because they lost in the wars among humans. There were those who were persecuted, those who swore fealty to the goblins, and those who changed sides to protect their pride. The race that populated the world the most, the humans, were already being integrated into the world of goblins.

The sight of human and monster alike, standing neatly side-by-side without discrimination was indeed the kind of country that the Goblin King wished to make.

—A beautiful chaos.

Good and evil has come together to complete a whole and become a power for the king to wield.

In other words, chaos.

Under the name of the king that ruled over chaos, these people gathered.

Already, this was a war between man and monster no more.

This was a war to decide the ruler of the world. A war for the world, a war for kings.

“My vassals!”

The Goblin King’s soul-shaking voice resounded, and the goblins cheered.

“My allies!”

Then the few who chose to walk alongside the goblins cheered.

“My people!”

And then the humans cheered.

“Now begins the war to claim the world!”

The Goblin King drew his sword and pointed at the enemy camp.

“To battle!”

With cheers that could shake the world, the goblin army moved out.

And so, began the War of the Saint.

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    1. I think it’s the beginning of the middle believe it or not, since we don’t know how much continent is there. And the king haven’t conquered other races either

  1. The War. I know the continent must be a large place. But it being the whole world? There must be other continents. Has to be. If it’s a pangea type world maybe it’s the only one but I doubt it. Wondering if the seas hold any life. Such as mermaids, or Atlantean types. Oh who am I kidding this story could very well be coming to am end and we’re simply in denial since we enjoy it so much. 🥲😢😭

    1. We know from previous chapters that there is another continent over the seas. Time to a wait some more epic scenes!

  2. I finally caught up thanks for translating this.
    The king will definitely have to use his stop god interference power soon but I hope since he surpassed the limits of a goblin which are called demon children maybe he’ll become like a demon king or something. Usually demon kings have the power to oppose gods so maybe his negative effects from his skills will lessen and maybe he can recover a weakened version of his senses. Like instead of having heightened goblin sense of smell/hearing he can smell/hear as well as an old human.
    Though I still feel like he’ll die at the end of the story because they raised the flag of what happens to the kingdom if he dies and I think it would divide into a segmented world once again but maybe discrimination won’t be as bad. cuz discrimination is something that’s passed on so if the generation he rules over isn’t discriminatory kit shouldn’t be bad. They also revealed that Felbi will marry Elbert’s daughter and Yoshu is respected by all races.
    Its just a matter of if the goblins revert to savagery once the king dies.

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