The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 34: Bad Adventurers (2/2)

This time, a group of adventurers came at me from the right. In response, I swung down with my picket-lump.

“Hah!?” [Sacchi]

“Wai-!?” [Adventurer 1]

” ” [Adventurer 2] (Tl Note: It’s empty in the raws.)

The five men that chased after me were squashed like flies before the might of my picket-lump.

The only survivor, Sacchi, brandished his axe, but I threw the slimes on my shoulders to the left.

“!?” [Adventurer 3]

The two men who were able to escape my earlier attack went and attacked the 6 young adventurers. My slimes were aimed at them. In response, they tried to fend for themselves with their swords, but without hitting the nucleus, all physical attacks were meaningless.

And in the next moment, the sound of something sticking resounded. The 2 slimes had stuck themselves to their swords. After that, a deafening scream filled the area.

“GEH! My! B-Body! Is… My… Legs…” [Adventurer 4]

“GYaAAAAH! My arms!! My arms!!” [Adventurer 5]

The two slimes I’d thrown were poison and acid, and they just released their juices on the men.

“This brat!!!” [Sacchi]

Sacchi swung his axe toward my head, but I dodged him and stepped back.

“You sure did us good, bitch!!” [Sacchi]

Now, where did all that composure go?

Sacchi’s face was beet red and popping with veins as he swung his axe.

“How long are you bastards planning to sleep!!? Chase after those brats!” [Sacchi]

The men who had been crushed under the picket lump crawled out and the men I’d sent flying earlier slowly stood up. The only exception was the man who’d been afflicted with poison.

“Don’t stop! Run!!” [Ryouma]

It would make my life easier if the young adventurers got away, so I told them to keep running.

They only glanced at me once before continuing to make a run for it.

“Damn it! Get those brats or I’ll get your heads for it!

As for that brat, he probably doesn’t have anything to do with the duke, but if he tells on us to the guild, we’ll be in trouble! Novices who abandon their missions are everywhere anyway, so catch him and teach him a lesson!” [Sacchi]

“B-But Sacchi-san… This is really bad!” [Adventurer 1]

I prioritized securing an escape route for the kids, so the bad adventurers shouldn’t have been hurt much, but for some reason, they weren’t very enthusiastic to follow Sacchi’s orders.

Are they the sort that can’t act if they don’t have the advantage?

“Fine. I’ll do it. I don’t know if it’s the duke backing you or whatever, but I’ll beat you so hard you won’t come crying back to your backing.

You’ve practiced healing a lot, right?” [Sacchi]

“But.” [Adventurer 1]

“Shut up! Just do it! Follow me!” [Sacchi]

Sacchi bellowed out a war cry, then he raised his axe and closed in on me like a beast.

His aim is probably my shoulders.

He doesn’t look like he wants to kill me, so he’ll probably hit me with the back of the axe. Still, that’s metal. It’s more than enough to crush the human body.

I took a step forward and brushed Sacchi’s right hand with my left arm, diverting the trajectory of his attack.

“!?” [Sacchi]

With his arm extended, I wrapped my right arm around the back of his right elbow, then I kicked him at the back of the knee to break his posture. The moment he fell to his knees, his arms stiffened.

In that moment, anger left his face as shock took its place, then a thick sound resounded from his right arm.

“GAH!? MMM!” [Sacchi]

When I let go of his right arm, it dangled about loosely, and his axe fell to the ground. He could not pick it back up.

Enduring the pain, Sacchi tried to hit me with the back of his left hand, but it had no power, and I was able to easily take his left arm and step on his yet knelt right foot, then like a twig being snapped, Sacchi’s body shook as I broke his left arm with a karate chop.

“—!! —-!!? GUuU…” [Sacchi]

“…Eh?” [Adventurer 1]

“Elder brother just…” [Adventurer 2]

“Instant kill…?” [Adventurer 3]

Sacchi groaned and squirmed as he prostrated himself on the ground. With two fractures and one dislocation, the pain should be unbearable, but he was somehow persisting.

They probably didn’t expect things to turn out like this. Because when the men following from behind saw Sacchi taken out just like that, they suddenly stopped as their faces cramped.

“Who’s next?” [Ryouma]

I said with a smile.

“W-We… Uh…” [Adventurer 1]

“!!” [Adventurer 2]

“Ahh!?” [Adventurer 3]

“Hey don’t run off by yourself!” [Adventurer 5]

“‘Teleport’” [Ryouma]

When one of the adventurers tried to run away, I immediately teleported in front of him.

“Where are you planning to go?” [Ryouma]

“Eek!?” [Adventurer 6]

“Dimension Magic!?” [Adventurer 1]

“What is with that kid!?” [Adventurer 2]

“Forgive us! We couldn’t go against Sacchi!” [Adventurer 3]

“Save that kind of talk for the guild master. For the meantime, it would be really troubling if you were to chase the children, so you’ll have to keep me company.” [Ryouma]

After that, I bound the now disorderly mob of men with my slimes. This surprisingly took a long time.

As a result, I’m late for the roll call.


Tl Note: I’m not actually sure what a picket-lump is. All I know is that in the previous chapter part, the text mentioned that Ryouma gathered all of the stone pickets/fences into a single lump, and from then on he’s been swinging the thing like a dull weapon.

Also, I’m done with the nioh non-lw odachi guide. I put a lot of effort into it, so please do check it out!: CLICK HERE TO SEE JIGGLY’S NIOH GUIDE






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