The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 35: Mine Monster Subjugation – End of the First Day (1/2)

“That should do the trick.” [Ryouma]

After ensuring that the bad adventurers couldn’t escape, I was about to go call someone, but before I could, two people had already arrived.

I was wary at first, thinking it might be a new enemy, but that was immediately proven to be a needless fear.

“You’ve already taken care of them, de gozaru?” [Asagi]

“Asagi-san! And Raypin-san too?” [Ryouma]

“A group of adventurers ran to us, saying there’s an adventurer who was dealing with a group of bad adventurers on his own.” [Asagi]

So, the six of them called them.

“They said the adventurer had some slimes with him, so I thought it might be you. Looks like I was right. It’s good to see you’re safe, de aru. How about those guys, de aru?” [Raypin]

“They don’t look dead, but they’re not moving even a little.” [Asagi]

They said after seeing how tightly bound the bad adventurers were.

I couldn’t leave the bad adventurers by themselves, so in order to both heal them and keep them from running, I attached a brace on them along with a cast made out of weeds and the hardening liquid of the sticky slime, then I gagged them with a ball gag with holes for breathing (made out of stone), and then lastly, paralyzed them with the paralyzing poison of the poison slime.

Also, it would be a problem if they were attacked by monsters while I was away, so I also had the slimes surround them completely. I admit there might be a bit too many slimes.

“You’ve basically buried them, de aru…” [Raypin]

“Hmm… I’ll keep watch here, de gozaru. They can’t escape, so take your slimes with you and go to the receptionist desk. Jeff and the rest should be waiting already.” [Asagi]

“Ah, right! I have to hurry.” [Ryouma]

“I’ll go too. I can take you there with my magic, de aru.” [Raypin]

I took Raypin-san on his offer and hurriedly put my slimes back into my Dimension Home.

The both of them were a bit shocked at that, but we hurried back anyway.

I’m really late.

After explaining everything to the receptionist girl, I was told to go back to work.

Apparently, I’d already missed the guild master, so we’ll have to talk about my punishment later.

Since that was the case, I went ahead and did what needed to be done first.

“I’m sorry for being late!” [Ryouma]

I apologized to my party for making them wait.

Jeff-san and the others weren’t angry at all, however. At most, they just teased me for it.


After the job was done, when everyone else was going home, I was summoned by the guild master.

“You came… Well, take a seat.” [Wogan]

The guild master sat before the receptionist desk, looking visibly haggard.

No matter what kind of punishment I get, I brought this upon myself… I do hope the punishment isn’t too severe, though.

“…First things first, you’re not going to be punished, so quit it with that face.” [Wogan]

“I’m acquitted?” [Ryouma]

“You couldn’t call for help because you were worried about those six, right? Moreover, thanks to you, those 6 were safe. Your testimony matches theirs as well, and well… Sacchi and his gang is a bit complicated, but we apprehended them to be safe. I acknowledge you had a good reason to be late, so…

No punishment! I’m sure you’re not fond of punishments either.” [Wogan]

I see, but then why does he look so tired?

“Another reason is because of Sacchi and his gang. They’re not particularly trusted, you see.” [Wogan]

“Did they insist they were innocent?” [Ryouma]

“They’ve been on poor behavior until last year.” [Wogan]

“Until last year?” [Ryouma]

The way he said that seemed odd.

“I know their leader Sacchi might not look it anymore, but he used to be a serious and skilled adventurer.” [Wogan]

Yep, not one bit. But I didn’t say that out loud and just quietly listened.

Apparently, Sacchi’s behavior started to turn for the worse when he became a C Ranker.

“Promoting from a C to a B is one of the walls an adventurer has to overcome. That’s the first major hurdle in an adventurer’s career, and unfortunately, Sacchi lost his way after trying to break through that wall repeatedly.” [Wogan]

Apparently, he grew more and more demanding of his comrades and he even started drinking and getting into fights frequently.

“And then all of the sudden he started grouping up with novices, but those were all adventurers with poor behavior too. Only, they started acting more proper, so I thought things were going well, but then today happened.

Seeing the bad group clean themselves up and start getting some achievements, at first, I doubted my ears, but gradually, I thought maybe Sacchi finally got himself together and was going to be someone I could trust to raise the novices, but, well…

Looks like they just got better at hiding their crimes. That’s unfortunate.” [Wogan]

I see. He must be feeling down because a subordinate he trusted betrayed his trust.

He wouldn’t be feeling sad if he didn’t trust them, after all. Although, I guess one could also develop some attachment after monitoring someone for so long, even if it was originally because he didn’t trust them.

In the end, before he knew it, he’d already grown to trust them, only for that trust to be shattered. It’s not an uncommon story, so it’s bound to repeat itself. Unfortunately, it’s not something easy to get used to.

“…Why are you looking at me like that?” [Wogan]

One day, you’ll retire, and you’ll feel much better.

I didn’t say it out loud, but apparently, it showed on my eyes.

“You look like you’re trying to cheer me up, but you know, you’re also one of the reasons why I’m so tired right now.

…You got caught up in a mess in the middle of the work, so now I have to report to the duke. I’m not looking forward to this…” [Wogan]

Ah, so he’s also worrying about what he’s superiors are going to say.

Guild masters sure don’t have it easy. And the duke’s family are worried about me too.

I don’t think they’d get mad at him over something like this, but it’s understandable why he’s so worried.

“You’re not even an adult and yet you keep making that face. Did something happen to you in the past?” [Wogan]

Apparently, he could clearly feel the pity coming out from my eyes.

“Anyway, even if we put the duke aside, I don’t think you’re guilty of anything. That’s all. You’re dismissed.

If you’re not happy with that, well… Just reflect on you own.” [Wogan]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

After that I left.


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