Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gastra’s Adventures

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Tl Note: Please check the note at the end in the last chapter. There are no sprites anymore. The four sprites are all elves. There’s a more in-depth explanation at the end of the previous chapter. Also the character underneath the koro toku? was changed to small cave dweller.


Volume 2: Intermission – Gastra’s Adventures

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Sovereign of the Wind’s HowlsGastra
Race, Gray Wolf
Level, 20
Class, Baby
Possessed Skills, Wind Slash; Charge
Divine Protection, None
Attributes, None


My name is Gastra.

I’m happy because mommy is always taking care of me. Whenever I wagged my tail and called out, mommy would immediately come to pick me up and cuddle.


Mommy, mommy!

“Yes, I’m coming. Good grief, you’re such a spoiled pup.”

Mommy is kind. She would embrace me into her chest just like this. Her sky-colored hair prickles when my tail hits it, but I can’t stop wagging my tail.

I’m just that happy.

It’s been lonely lately ever since dad stopped showing up, but…

I like mom the best. Mostly because dad is black and rugged, and he never hugs me. Of course, I love dad too. He would always defeat his enemies with his giant horn and give me food.

I have to become like dad one day.

I haven’t seen Cynthia in a while. It’s a bit worrying.

“Kuu Kuun.”

Mommy, where is Cynthia? I asked, but mom just kept patting me until I forgot my worries.

She probably went with dad somewhere.

Oh, I know! They’re probably out on a secret training!

Hmph! She must be planning on growing ahead of me, and then gloating over her newfound strength as she wags her tail!

I have to do something!



Mom, I’m going out to train!


Lately, my surroundings have changed from trees to stones. There were a lot of people like mommy, but they weren’t kind like her. There were even some who tried to hit me with a long rod.

I have to teach people like those the pecking order around here.

The strongest is dad, of course, then mom, and then me, and lastly, Cynthia.

Cynthia is training by herself though, so she probably intends to overtake me.

I went to teach those guys who tried to hit me a lesson. There were more of them than the nails on one of my paws. That means they should be my subordinates!

But even though subordinates are supposed to listen, they ran as soon as they saw me. I’m sure it must be because I’m scary!

Cynthia’s scary too when she gets mad.

Enough to make me take a step back, that’s why I try not to get mad.

“Kuun, GURUuu”

I won’t do anything. Come here!

I tried calling to one of my subordinates, but he just let out a weird voice and ran away.

Mumumu… That’s odd.

Welp, that’s that. Now, what should I do… I know! Training!

If I’m always here in this stony place, Cynthia will probably leave me in the dust. What to do… Well, for the meantime, how about making lots of subordinates?

The two-legs aren’t very reliable though. Four-legs are better.

There doesn’t seem to be any around in this stony place though.

Hmm… I’ll try going out!

“*Huff Huff!”

I went around to see if there was a hole somewhere, and… I found one.

I forcefully stuck my head in, and kicked off against the ground with my back legs.

When my head was halfway through, I saw the scenery outside. There was a lot of people.


I kicked off against the ground with my back legs several times to break through.

When I thought I’d finally broken through, a four-legged something suddenly approached, stirring up clouds of dust in its path.

I somehow managed to run away into a narrow space. Not even I could take something that big on. Dad might have managed though.

I continued to walk in that dark and narrow space for awhile until I saw a four-legged furball walking.


Its fur stood up! Is it threatening me!?


Well, I’m not about to lose. Growling is my specialty. I’ve always been watching Cynthia do it. I’m sure I can do the same thing!


The furball was scared when I approached it, and it came running away.

Mumu, not good!


I pushed the furball that tried to run away from behind and pinned it down.

“Nya, Nya nyaa!?”

The furball tried to resist, but I pinned it down with two more of my legs. Eventually, the furball stopped struggling.

“GUu, GAUu!”

When it calmed down, I lightly bit it by its ears to ensure that it would be my subordinate after I released it.


The furball jumped out when I did, and then it started sniffing me. Even though it was trying to run away just a little while ago, suddenly, it was even rubbing its body on mine. I traced my paws on its slender tail that was standing.

The nose of the furball was warm as it kept sniffing me from the side.


Alright, I made a subordinate! I should report to mom!

I took the puzzled furball with me to see mom.


“GAUu, GAUu!”

Mom! Mom!

“Oh, are you back, Gastra?”

“Sigh… It brought something weird back…”

I approached mom as she was walking toward that thing called a table and introduced subordinate no. 1.

Mom’s subordinate looked suspiciously at my subordinate.

“GAUu, GAUuuu!”

Aren’t I amazing!? I made my first subordinate!

As I wagged my tail, subordinate no. 1 rubbed me from my side.

“…Lady Reshia.”

“You know, Gastra.”

Praise me! Praise me!

Mom picked me up as usual when I rubbed myself on her feet. But just when I thought she would embrace me into her warm chest as usual, mom frowned as she held me up.


“Gastra, you’re a wolf. Obviously, a cat won’t do, right?”

Cat? Puzzled, I looked down to my subordinate, but it seemed just as confused as I was.

Then I was brought down to the ground.

Huh? What about my hug?

Subordinate no. 1 rubbed itself on me while I was confused.

“Who would’ve thought Gastra would bring home an undesirable lover so soon?” Mom’s subordinate looked up to the ceiling.


You’re a cat? I asked subordinate no. 1.


Who cares if I’m a cat, the cat said as it approached to rub its body on me.

“Was the capital a bad influence?” Mom looked confused as she looked at me and the cat.

Hey, Mom, what’s a cat!?


Author’s Note:

Gastra’s subordinate is of course a female; a cat by the name of Lelouch, who considers the alley its territory.

Gastra will collect more and more subordinates from here on out, most of whom are… female.

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  1. At this rate the King will have to conquer less and less as his subordinates decide to conquer things for him… which is pretty much his plan for the goblins but I can’t wait till he finds out Gastra tried to do the same

  2. I had the thought when they’d split up how hilarious it could be when the two pups reunited.

    Cynthia (The one with the King) obviously would have more access to training, being out in the wilds whereas Gastra was fairly cooped up in the castle/city.

    And I’d imagined at some point in the future they meet back up and Cynthia is huge, possibly revolved at least once if not more… And then there’d be Gastra, a puppy by comparison and there just be a “OMG NOT FAIR!” And if they wanted to be funny, perhaps a “I’m still the older one, so you have to listen to me!”, from the pup.

  3. It’s kinda ironic that a dog will posses his own harem.

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