I Came Back but the World is Still a Fantasy!?

Author: Tsukimi Cocoa


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When a boy coincidentally fell into a dimension hole, what awaited him was a world of sword and magic.

Two years of tragedies, wars, and schemes, passed until he was finally able to return to Earth.

But when he came back, the world was no longer the same.

A new world with advance technology, Garesto, was now trading with Earth, leading to a complete overhaul of Earth’s technology.

In the long years that have passed and the great changes that have occurred, his family was not left untouched.

His parents were now divorced. His siblings were now strangers. And all his friends were now gone.

He who possessed otherworldly power and knowledge hid himself for various reasons. But though he was able to somehow pull the wool over the world’s eyes, there were still those who noticed him.

This is a tale that came to be because of a boy who came back home.



This series is meant to be read according to release order and not chronology. This is the author’s order. If you wish to read this according to chronology, use the numbers as reference. Also, the first six chapters are prologues, so they’re a bit more confusing to read, but still do read them, as they’re actually good and not as confusing as it might seem at first.


Table of Contents



Prologue – The Repercussions of His Return


Repercussions Arc – Act 1: The First Day of Transfer


Repercussions Arc – Act 2: Otherworld Hometown


Garesto Academy – Exam Arc – Prologue


Exam Arc: Those Who Take Advantage of the Test


Exam Arc: Epilogue

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  1. Thx for translating this but you could have started where the last translator stop but if your doing your own style for the chs OK I’ll read the chs has they come.

  2. Should translate from beginning since other translation site is gone so some parts missing. Thanks <3.

  3. Man I’ve been waiting for translation of this series. I’m so happy you picked it up(at least for now it’s not completely dead). First translator of the series just disappeared and rtd picked it up as a side project but not for long… I hope we would be able to follow this story again with new translator! Thank you!!!

  4. Well thanks for translating this great series, this one seems special since beside magic also invilves social trauma and repercusions for the so called hero summoning.

  5. I’m very impressed you’ve picking this up, since after reading on RaisingtheDead, I didn’t have much hope for seeing a dedicated translation. This isn’t a quick and easy translation, since aside from a few deliberately short and to the point interlude chapters, most are long and quite complex for a light/web novel. I’m sure it’s going to be challenging and time consuming for you, but I hope you keep it up. I reeeeeally want to see where the author is going with this plot.

  6. you really need to organize this properly.
    no wonder theres a bunch of confusoin over what chapter/volume everything is.
    its a complete mess

    1. Just use the ##-## to distinguish the order of events. (Timeline – chapter number) 03-13 happens after 01- ## and 02- ##.

  7. Is it possible to put something in the Ch titles to indicate the release order? That way don’t have to always come back to this page and count to where I am. So when I come back after not having read for a bit, I know properly where I am.

    1. though the writing style this author uses is garbage its still somewhat interesing but too much time without update would make me forget everything

    2. I’m confused. Should I just read this straight if I want to read the chronological order?

      1. Chronological would require reading from 00-00 and then looking for 00-01, 00-02, 01-00, 02-00, 03-00… etc. Story is not done yet, so it would still end up with lots of jumps. I highly recommend just reading it according to release. It’s not really much different from stories that use flashbacks and flashforwards. The only difference is there’s an option to read chronologically if desired.

  8. I’m glad someone is translating this, I don’t find many OP MC novels that I actually like so this is a treat for me so thanks for all the hard work.

  9. Thanks for the chapters. Had to read it in chronological order to make any real sense of the story but it was a good read. I always feel that excessive use of time shifts in stories serve no real purpose unless it’s a mystery/thriller. This story absolutely didn’t need time shifts. It’s a really good read in chronological order.

  10. I honestly hate it when I read through the entire novel from author’s order f till the beginning to the end, and I missed a bunch of story from Repercussions Arc – Act 2. Throughout the binge read through, I honestly don’t know who Rinko or Nobu something is, how the MC suddenly go to Amai guy, or why the MC was trying to hide from Youko after the cafeteria fight. OR what happened with Youko and the brother’s change in attitude from hating the MC with that read order, to showing sympathy (I could guess just by reasoning, but the confirmation was vague). I honestly prefer the chronological order over the author’s.

  11. To be honest, the order of your releases is a bit confusing, at first, and the latest volume (arc 2) on the MC’s past feels a bit sudden because of that, but it works better than the author’s original order at the moment.

    Thanks for taking the time to translate this, as stressful as it probably is.

  12. Can someone tell me in what order i need to read the releases, please?

    Happy new year.

    And thank you for the translation.

  13. Thank you for the translation. I am big fan of this series. Already try read raw with google translate to the latest chapter, but its quite hard to understand it.
    I really appreciate your work.

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