Goblin Kingdom

TL Note: More like Kingdom rather than RE: Monster. A good read in my opinion, give it a try. I suggest giving it till chapter 42 though. Might be a good idea to just wait till 42 chapters have been translated. If you haven’t read kingdom, here’s a link: CLICK HERE

Author: 春野隠者


With a hideous visage they came to be known as goblins.
Hunted day after day, trampled, and crushed, these creatures lived with no other lot than to be killed.
But all that changed when the king was born.

This is a tale of a king’s revolt against the gods. And the humans and monsters that follow him.

Regular chapters on Friday and Sunday. At least one extra chapter a week. See my twitter @NeoTranslations or the chat in the website in case of delay. Also, chapters are generally posted midnight UTC+8.

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Genre: Fantasy

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Tags: Cruel Depiction; Military History; Rising to Power; Dark; Heavy Series; Monster; Otherworld; Reincarnation; Sword and Magic


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15 thoughts on “Goblin Kingdom

  1. . says:

    Aside from Goblin Kingdom, the other main novels that are goblin related that I can currently think of and have read before are Iron Teeth goblin tales, Remonster and Gob tensei.
    In my opinion, goblin kingdom is actually one of the better top novels I have read before, being on par with Iron Teeth, with the other only better novels reads being the Lazy King and Overlord in my list which is not goblin but also not human either.

  2. Ckoh23 says:

    Will you do the sequel? Apparently I saw the novel website, where the author released another novel similar to the name of this one?

  3. Razvan says:

    Hey, i just started reading this and i must say it’s amazing.

    Oh, one thing, apparently there’s a problem with chapter 52, The Three Holy Knights – It won’t open. Could this be fixed ? I Don’t want to continue by skipping essential parts of the story 🙂

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